Fresh oil spill hits Bayelsa community  

Yenagoa—A fresh crude oil spill has been reported at Obama flow station trunk line belonging to Nigerian Agip Oil Company in Nembe creek, Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

The spill, according to the natives, has disrupted fishing activities in the creek and waterways and is spreading at high speed due to the current of the water and moving into the creeks of Igbeta-Ewoama, Iwokiri, Sabaturo and other fishing settlements and communities of Nembe Kingdom.

A local fisherman was said to have spotted the leakage, last week, while on a fishing expedition.

The natives accused Agip of performing a bad job on the repair of a similar ruptured trunk line that caused huge oil spillage sometime in July.

Speaking on the latest spill, Chairman, Oil and Gas Committee of Nembe Kingdom, Chief Nengi James, said though the oil producing areas had repeatedly called for a review to the approach by oil exploration companies to spillages and mop ups, the situation in Nembe Kingdom was pathetic  and required urgent attention.

He called on the company to change the trunkline instead of doing shabby repairs to make quick returns.

Lamenting the plight of the people of the oil rich region, James said: “Oil companies operating in the Niger Delta are now using harmful chemicals to suppress and induce oil spill into the water, with injurious effects on  sea foods, living organism and human beings.”

He urged the oil companies operating in Nembe Kingdom and beyond to have human face in their operational environments rather than employing blame game tactics by saying all spills are caused by saboteurs while in effect they are running away from paying compensations to spill affected communities.

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