Chris Brown Spotted Leaving Rihanna’s Hotel

Former couple Chris Brown and Rihanna had a dramatic falling out after they broke up, but it seems as if the two may be looking to rekindle their relationship. Reports from several different outlets say the two artists were caught making out in a New York City nightclub on Monday night. The fact that this went down in such a public place suggests that the two may not want to keep things under wraps any longer.

According to Celebuzz, Brown and Rihanna were set up in an area all to themselves.

“The 24-year-old and Brown were set up at separate tables, two apart from one another, and our source says Brown immediately ‘climbed over the center to get to her.’ Once 23-year-old Brown made his way over to his ex-girlfriend, he removed his shirt and started ‘dancing on the table for Rihanna’ and the two began ‘dancing together and being very smitten,’ says the eyewitness.”

Now photos have surfaced showing Chris Brown exiting Rihanna’s NYC hotel on Tuesday night. He wasn’t dressed for the club atmosphere, as he was seen in a black hooded sweatshirt and grey sweatpants. Check out the photos above and let us know what you think of Chris Brown’s and Rihanna’s actions over the past couple of days.

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