Nollwood Actress Ngozi Nwosu Denies Public Fund Raise, Moved To Cotonou

Ngozi Nwosu, an actress with a great sense of humour plays the role of Peace, one of the wives of Chief Fuji in Amaka Igwe’s sit-com, Fuji House of Commotion, has been transferred to Cotonou, the Republic of Benin where uninterrupted medical attention will be giving to her.

Since her battle with the illness, she has been spending her money and she seemed exhausted to save her life. This is why the humorous bedridden actress who is battling to save her life from a yet to be disclosed kidney disease has moved to Cotonou.

According to report, Ngozi was said to have declined moves by her colleagues in NANTAP and the Actors Guild of Nigeria to raise public awareness and fund to offset her growing medical bills.

Since the news of her ill-health broke, she has moved from one hospital to another for medical attention. Several attempts by fans, concerned colleagues and friends who have visited her Ketu, Lagos home to ascertain her condition were futile as they denied access to her.

Last week, a lady who identified herself as Maryam and claimed to be her Personal Assistant told newsmen that she has been moved to Cotonou, the capital of Republic of Benin, Nigeria’s neigbouring country for uninterrupted rest and spiritual healing.

Sources close to her disclosed that she must have been moved to Cotonu on the advice of her former hubby who hails from there.

Maryam also declined suggestions by concerned clerics who offer to give her spiritual healing if she’s brought to their churches.

According to Maryam, “prayers have no borders. If they want to pray for her they should go ahead, their prayers and wishes would touch her from wherever they are coming from. They don’t have to see her.”

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