What Women Really Think About Men With Small Penis Syndrome «Life style»

Small penis syndrome is a psychological condition in which a man thinks his manhood is too small, even though he’s really on par with the rest of mankind.

Is my penis size normal? That age-old question was addressed by British researchers in a recent study published in BJU International. Their findings, in a nutshell (or two): 63 percent of men complained of having inferior hardware, but none of them was smaller than normal!

What is the average penis size? Measuring erect, between 5.5 and 6.2 inches long and 4.7 to 5.1 inches around and don’t even think about measuring at your desk.

Does penis size matter to women? If you’re still worried, consider that 85 percent of women reported they were happy with their partner’s size.

Okay, British researchers are one thing. But what do real women think about penis size and what do they think think is the ideal penis size?

We asked two of our favorite women, Nicole Beland, former “Girl Next Door,” and Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., the Men’s Health “Sex Professor” to for their take on penis size.

“Yes, we care about the size of a man’s penis,” Beland says. “But when it comes to sexual satisfaction, it’s pretty far down on our list of priorities.”

Do women like big penises? Not necessarily. Large penises don’t equal an instant orgasm. In fact, penis sizes that skew large can deter women’s orgasms. Herbenick says. “Women find it difficult to orgasm, and oral sex and hand stimulation are often more effective, as are vibrators,” she says. “It’s not personal-it’s just how some women’s bodies work.”

The biggest problem with large penises, the women say, is that they’re often attached to even bigger dicks.

“There’s nothing worse than a guy who thinks he has a HUGE penis and is therefore God’s gift to the ladies,” Beland says. “That kind of guy thinks that getting an erection is pretty much all the effort he has to put into sex. The chances that the women he sleeps with are having orgasms? Slim to none.”

Ian Kerner, Ph.D., sexologist and author of She Comes First, says we should worry more about her pleasure than our size.

“Usually when women complain about a small penis, it’s also that they’re not having orgasms,” Kerner says. “If they’re orgasming, it’ll matter a hell of a lot less what size your penis is.”

For the truly tiny or even those paranoid normal guys, Kerner recommends “pressing instead of thrusting in missionary position, or trying woman-on-top,” both of which maximize clitoral stimulation.

Beland suggests these positions: “Place her legs on your shoulders during missionary position, enter her from behind when she’s on all fours, or, when she’s on top, put a pillow under your butt to raise up your pelvis.”

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