A Boy with Four Penis In Nigeria

University of Port-harcourt (UNIPORT) can’t stop being in the news for the wrong reasons. After the widely villified Aluu 4 massacre and the shooting of some students of the institution by rampaging gun-men,another student seems to have fallen victim to some diabolical machinations.

Obinna,21, a 200 level student of UNIPORT was reported to have developed multiple sex organs after an intensive 2 night sexcapade with his gay lover in a popular hotel in Ifako Gbagada,Lagos. He was alleged to have met the man on social networking site,Hi5 after which he was paid N20,000 for transportation to Lagos. He came and after the rendevous was paid the agreed sum of N150,000 only for him to discover in a jiffy that his penis was developing branches but lo and behold the partner was no where to be found!

He raised an alarm which attracted people to the scene. It seems youths have not learnt from the recent murder of Cynthia who was lured into her death through the social media.

Guess this will teach some dudes who have converted gay escapades to a means of making fast money a lesson. You just might the next victim, desist from such acts before its too late


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    • Just maybe a trick against the gay and lesbian acts and if God had done this i would think he would take it away not give them more … Crazycrazycrazy ppl!!!! Whoever did this has a problem with their sexuality and wants four penises to satisfy four lovers one maybe male or all maybe male and he doesn’t want to make a choice… Idk just my thoughts.

    • I don’t believe any of this lie. So It is said God punished this man for a gay encounter? Which is the worst lie? Saying he had an gay affair or lying on God? If God is in.this type of business alot of straight people who cheat, commit sex acts etc also would have multiple penises and vaginas. When will we as believers just tell people what Jesus told us to tell them. The Gospel. What people do, how they live, what they say is none of our business. We couldn’t change ourselves, God did so why are we continually trying to make people do as we want. That is not our job. It is not our job to condemn. God DIDNOT SEND HIS SON INTO THE WORLD TO CONDEMN THE WORLD. BUT THAT THE WORLD MIGHT BE SAVED THROUGH HIM. Jesus hung around with publicans and sinners all day. He ate with them, talked to them and they trusted Him. Religious leaders had a problem with it. Jesus did not. Cut out these arguments over gay people. Mind your business and do what God told us to do. Everyone has a right to know what THE GOSPEL IS ABOUT. It doesnt mean you agree with everything but it neans you understand the price Jesus paid. All this debate and foolishness as if we are so righteous and gold. We live because of His righteousness not our own. Some of us were a mess, have we forgotten. Cut it out people and see the deeper meaning here.

    • So you mean to tell me that you don’t comment sins cause last time I checked the Bible judging this fictional character because I don’t think it’s real .

  1. Well sorry 4 him.Homosex is evil but sex is evil too,let him pray seriously cos he’s ben jazzd.Iniquity of all kind is obnoxious.

    • So would you feel the same way if a woman would’ve committed the act it would have been ok? It probably would’ve been funny or more pu**y for him to get . But we all know what the Bible say about judging.
      Matthew 7:1-5

      “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

  2. Y’all comments sound so stupid..y’all really got me laughing ….out of all the gay man in the world this happened to him…if anything he was born. With 4 dicks people get a life!

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  4. This is photo shopped done by a homophobic, ignorant and lifeless individual. Get a life and some pussy. Oh wait to all the other homophobes most are because you are fighting your attraction to other men although you are on the down low.

  5. That’s the dumbest shit I ever heard! A man got 4 penis’s for sinning? Omg he was born fucking gay if god really had a problem with that why the fuck would he let anyone be born gay? You fucktards reading into bullshit! Yes it piss’s me off for ignorant ass people to say dumb ass shit such as the comments you people are leaving to something thats probably photoshopped. Get some fucking sense people! And get the fuck over the fact that there are gay people in the world you dumb fucks were born sinners and your gonna die sinners you judgemental basterds damn your dumb!

  6. Well I guess sense I’m a lesbian I’ll be growing 6 vaginas! 😂😂😂😂 yall are dumb as f*** & ignorant as a m***** f*****! Grow up and stop being so judgmental and racist. And by the way this article is fake. Man yall are DUMB!

  7. @Fash….. u got me ctfu… I just wanna no r u mad or nah? But I must agree… if this was real y it’s just coming out now.. it have fake spelled all over them four dicks… but Fash…. u made my day… Thx u!! Bol

  8. Did anyone read the top article but me? Where it explains that this is just entertainment for your enjoyment! Its fake people! Stop getting your selves all worked up over a Fake Article!

  9. This is so fake! There is no way in hell this could happen. All of the homosexuals in America, and this has never happened. People, don’t believe this made up bull!

  10. Man this has got to be the fakest stuff I ever heard I ain’t gay or nothing but if this was real why are there only 1 photo?? Shouldn’t there be multiple angle shot of it?? Like the more different views of it should knock all these comments down I mean that the only way I’d believe it and if I did see multiple shots of it probably took forever just to photo shop just this one😂😂😂but let me stop I don’t judge no one if this real then praying for him tho..smh

  11. Only an uneducated idiot would believe this. Don’t make Nigeria look more stupid to the rest of the world please. This is impossible and if the boy did have 4 oko, then he was born that way! Use your brains people!!

  12. This is pure entertainment. There is no way humanly possible this could happen.when I first saw it I knew it was photoshopped. Duh, I can’t believe there’s actually people who are as naive as some of you are. WOW!!!

  13. Don’t believe that believe GOD cause he is real and true. Anything that happen is not of GOD. When it is good it’s GOD. And when it is bad ìts the devil Amen…….

  14. Wow, this is a crazy story, but I have to say that being gay is not learned. I have a brother who is gay and I knew at a very young age that my brother would be gay. I have four brothers and one sister and I am the second oldest. My brother did not learn gay, he was born that way, always feeling he was a female and not male. He always spent time with the girls and never really related to our other brothers. I truly feel that this is not a learned thing for many males who are gay, now those males who went to jail straight and came out different can be assumed as a learned thing. Just my opinion

    • I do agree with you…I knw two little boys and one of them was a toddler and very feminine….and even at the age of 5…. I am a Christian but I’ve seen it for myself. Besides I don’t think many people would deliberately put themselves in a position to be mocked or ridiculed

  15. Everyone entitled to their own opinion but some ppl are born gay (my opinion) some choose to be but this shit fake as fuck….

  16. Y’all with this gay and lesbian judgments need to stop.GOD knows who is who and what is what. Y’all have no right to judge..And by the way being a lesbian is awesome..

  17. Y’all are ignorant af even if its not true only god can judge and he put everyone here right??? So if someone is gay they was born that way right??? So how is it a sin to be wat gob made you..???? So obviously the guy he had sex wit did something strange to him smh…… you guy need Jesus ASAP

  18. What does this have to do with Sin or God all you people are crazy if having alot of freaky sex with multiple women will get you this then i would have 100 Dicks

  19. God made man & woman… no man & man, woman & woman…. u are not born gay, thats a choice u make…. get it together ppl pray n read the bible, those who say u r born gay i encourage u to read the bible so yall can realize yall is wrong…..

  20. Well!!!!! A sin is a sin!!!!
    There are sins created everyday. This too is against the Bible. Pray for people we all live in glass houses. Now this is frightening cause that seem inhumane regardless to who you be with. This is something to pray about and over. Always ask for guidance. He will guide you and protect you. Heart go out to young an if it’s true….

  21. This country always haven something wrong with they people. But only God is the judge. Not you all. “But everyone are entitle to they on opinion.”

  22. I would love to get a hold of that…betty he wouldn’t be gay no more, and I got a place he could put each one…I love the D

  23. People are born gay! Wtf!!!? I am a straight (also Christian) but completely support gay rights. I get that the photo Is fake, but why is everyone so ignorant that we are all human, and have the right to love who we love. Ugh, you judgmental people make me sick!!! If you have a problem with a certain type if lifestyle, keep it to yourself. This world needs love not judgement. Only God can judge!!!!!

    • And to God homosexuality is an abomination, how can you call yourself a Christian when you are for something God is against? oh okay

      • Robbery murder adultery violence and the sacrifice of the wicked are all considered abominations so to dwell only on one aspect of his teachings is being hypocritical which could also be seen as an abomination

      • Because God Loves You For Who You Are REGARDLESS And You Can’t Judge. Why Are You Judging, Only God Is Suppose To Judge You. But Yea, That’s Why.

      • true but everybody has different feelings so u can’t judge anybody if they wanna sin let them at least they sinning and being happy so your opinions to the homosexual don’t even matter to them .

      • So is not telling the truth, taking things that does not belong to you, and judging. There is no sin greater than another. Read your bible christian.

      • You are probably one of the most ignorant repugnant people on the planet. The god you claim that says homosexuality is an abomination is the very god that created man in his own image. Ignorance is a disease not homosexuality. God supposedly loves all his children and according to the bible that you’re most likely thumping right now there are no exceptions to that love. Wake up and be mindful of the bigotry you spew out of that cesspool of a mouth and allow people to be people. You are a sad pathetic individual who needs lessons in humility and acceptance.

      • God is AGAINST judgement too, so how can u call yourself a Christian as well whn ur doin wht God tells us not to do…thy shall not judge for u will be judge

      • U tell me the scripture where it states this abomination.? The deadly sins are an abomination. The ten commandments not being met is an abomination.. remember alot things in the bible is contradicting.. it states that in the bible. You obviously got life n love so misconstrued.. God is love.. One day you’ll go before God and you will see..

      • Judge n you shall be judged.calling u ignorant wpuld just be contradicting. God bless you and all your endeavors

      • Exactly right. I guess people these days call themselves Christians but no nothing about CHRIST and what he stands for.

      • So I’m guessing you haven’t eaten pork and you were a virgin until you were married right? Those are also abominations, do you still call yourself a christian. By the way Eve was only created after Adam asked god for a companion right? So was gods plan for him to screw animals at first just wondering?

      • I am not for homosexuality, but I don’t hate those who take part. I am a Christian, and I love everyone regardless of their Lifestyle. Those without sin cast the 1st stone. God is about LOVE, not hate or judgement. How can we bring them to Christ, if we are not willing to help them.

      • God gave you the freedom to choose how you live your life so who are you to tell anyone that…..God also said thou shall not judge ….only God can do that

      • How can you call yourself a Christian when you are for something God is against, as well? It says perfectly clear in the Bible to be tolerant of others, to turn the other cheek, to love your neighbor despite their shortcomings. Do not judge others lest ye be judged. You can still hold true to your beliefs without hating those who choose to live their lives differently.

      • That’s it….God doesn’t bend and He won’t compromise….and He won’t go against His own Word….

      • an abomination depicted correctly from the latin saying doesnt actually mean a sin, it is an abomination to wear wool with other material, it is an abomination to eat fish or pork, now all this comes from Romans in the bible, which depicted the time and place they lived in, not gods word, follow the 10 commandments if you want gods word. that be all. im gay and a christian btw.

      • Since God created everything how can She be against anything? God does not dwell in a box. Its you who is against same sex relationships.

      • How can you call yourself Christian when you are also doing and saying things that are Un-Christian like… Don’t be a hypocrite to your own teachings… In this world religion makes people dumb…. smh…

      • God “loves his people equally” gay, straight, bi, confused, murderer, thief, etc. You Christian people are a joke, i think ya’ll need to read the bible again and again and again. It’s no-ones place to judge anyone so mind your business.

      • I agree 100 % with you and just to add what these idiots don’t realize is that if you’ve even had the smallest amount of schooling you’d understand that sex is a behavior and it is learned therefore Mr/Ms Christian Who totally goes against Gods word for homosexuals if people are born gay then we’d have to accept that liars murderers cheats pedophiles etc etc are all born like that because they are all learned behaviors as well SMMFH at all this debauchery and how people twist the bible to fit their own selfish needs . Yes we all sin but there are things that god tells us to abstain from and homosexuality is one of those things .its ashamed many people read yet do not understand the bible or any of its meanings and forget that thats the reason GOD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah that doesn’t mean we be disrespectful ignorant or rude because in the end the choice is that of the individual who in the end will have to answer to GOD

      • God tell you homosexuality is an abomination or was it a man that said that? .
        And if God said that what does she sound like?

      • The reason they can call themselves Christians is they are following what god wanted and that is for us not to judge one another but have love for one another. Do you as a Christian follow all of Gods Laws? When a child is disrespectful toward their parent do you believe they should be stoned to death? How about when a woman is Raped should she be forced to then marry her Rapist? How about adultery should they be put to death? What about a woman who has been widowed should she only be able to Marry her brother in law? I kind of recall those from the bible. So stop being a JUDGMENTAL ASSHOLE and learn to love your fellow man. You can love the Sinner but not the sin an treat everyone as you want to be treated. If you want to be treated like shit then continue being yourself.

      • It is the act, not the people that is frowned upon. We are all children of god. Gay, lesbian, black, white, brown, yellow, You will be judged by your works and what you’ve done in your lifetime. Not by who you love. What happens when their judged is between them and god. Sin is sin, no 1sin is bigger than another. Do you know a mean thought or word against someone is the same sin as being gay.

      • You can’t stop people from being gay. If they are happy with who they are, so be it. Don’t make them feel different. He wasn’t expecting this to happen. Things happen. If he’s alright then great! But don’t pull out the Christian card, if you reread the bible, he says that all men were created equal and he goes on about happiness and love. He never said being gay was wrong.

      • Your the abomination i don’t believe in God but if I did I would think he’s a prick doesn’t it say he’s supposed to love everybody it’s all a load of bollocks I’m straight but totally 100 per cent support gay rights

      • Then I guess you’re a bad Christian because wearing clothes of mixed clothe is a sin. You can’t chose to ignore the sins that are convenient for you then push the others as if they are unbreakable law

      • No, to the bible it’s an abomination. Since the bible was edited by the Holy roman empire and the first council of nicaea for political control of the masses, I doubt that the version you have today conveys much of God’s will. More the churches will. God doesn’t need blind followers, the church does.

      • Even God loves the sinner,sin is sin…none greater or smaller, you don’t love by sin you love because God is love, peace and of a sound mind….Don’t Judge… Ijs

      • Sin is sin in GOD eye, one sin is just as bad as the other sin. Have u not heard, let he who is without sin case the first stone. AMEN.

    • Nature made u male or female, choosing to live an alternate life style is just that a choose u made. God does not make mistakes, so how many gays in your fam.

      • God also made unic’s and Hermaphrodites can you explain what gender these people are? They are naturally made born that way, what gender choice are they too make if we all were nature made and born female or male. Im interested in hearing your response.

      • True God doesn’t make mistakes, but the devil has many tricks up his sleeve . Its not okay to have sex before marriage, it’s not okay to judge, it’s not okay to have children out of wedlock, and it’s not okay to be homosexual but we do it anyway. No bodies perfect, the Bible says what it says Jesus knew we weren’t perfect that’s why he died for us. All he wants is for us to try to do the right thing, so let’s stop making excuse about why we do the things we do and try to do better. God loves us all but he doesn’t have to accept our ignorance.

    • Your right dont judge people. We dont have that right. Only god can judge and forgive sins. Jesus said in the bible. Dont judge and forgive and have mercy on one another so when it is your turn as you stand at the kingdom gates asking to be let in he we do the same for you. But the only thing i suport is the will of God. Let his will be done and not ours. The bible tells how man and man togethier is wrong. God made man. God made woman for man. Then was told to be friutful and replenish the earth. Two men cant do that. If all men decided they were gay then that would be the end of man kind. The wemon would die having no children cuz no man would bare her a child cuz they all love men. Leaving only man. Then they to will die. But if you are gay you can be forgiven. repent for your sins. Asked to be made new. Only through jesus christ can you find salvation. He is the savior,healer , and deliver. Do not support gay rights but rather try to get them to understand the error of there ways. I say dont support gay rights cuz gay is wrong. God say if you are not with him you are aginst him. There is no in between. So you either support God or the evil one. The gay comunitie has been. Unawarely tricked by the devil to thinking this is how they are. We can all live each other as brother sister but not as lovers.
      Ps thanks for reading

      • No, you are born gay… No one would choose such ridicule and hatred… And if you’re living by gods will then how about the fact that he is against incest yet the entire population of the world started from this very thing… Everyone stemmed from Adam and Eve and there was nothing but incest… Things that make you go hmmm

      • I agree with you ebonie if it was right man and man would be able to do everything woman and man can do without a problem if two men want children they half to adopt or go trick some women into having his child to then tell her he’s gay so that him and his lover can play mommy and daddy this whole thing is wrong if they wanna be that way OK that’s what they choose but why should they feel like they should be able to adopt children to help create there family when they chose to be gay and I say chose because no one’s born that way they new they they would not be able to experience that blessing of starting a family on the own so if it so natural do it on your own

    • you are such a fool, no one is born gay or lesbian, the bible say: lets create men as our image, are you to tell God is gay?

      • everyone seems use the phrase do not judge but the bible said by their works you shall no them so if you are gay it is wrong we are not judging but we need to stop all this. the lifestyle is already wrong but everyone fighting for gay rights. if something is right you don’t hv to fight for rights. and all these ppl involve in this lifestyle no it is wrong but want justification hmmm wrong is wrong right is right.

    • Wtf!? You secretly gay as Fuck! God destroyed two cities for homosexual acts and a nation and society who condoned it! It is not our job to compete or condemn, but it IS our job to warn and to teach and if you pacify what you know to be against what God loves! Know that God is the Same as of Old, I Am A witness to The Truth!

      • God didn’t hate homosexuals, he destroyed the city because the cities MEN were planning to RAPE the two male angels. RAPE is a sin, not homosexuality

      • People are not born gay they get confused as a child from what ever child molester touching on them and it feels good so for a little boy he’s thinking he’s gay or thats the way it’s supposed to be because the same sex made him feel good when it’s not the case you have hormones if a dog licked you it would feel good but would you sleep with a dog oh some people actually might so I just want to tell you guys just because the same sex can make you feel good doesn’t make it right

    • Sooooo everybody is so focused on the fact that the dude is gay when really the big story is….. WTF THIS DUDE HAS 4 DICKS.!!! Like do you know how popular this guy would be in America.! Every oegy party from Atl to Cali would be calling this nigga.! He can quadruple penetrate a chick.! This shit writes itself.! Funny as shit.!!

    • I agree,if it’s not a person’s particular lifestyle,that all well and good,that means someone who is,shouldnt affect them one way or another. Their human,and it’s their right,the world would be a much better place if people would mind their own business. I’m comfortable with who I am,their lives doesn’t affect me,if it’s wrong who has to pay for it,me or them? They have answer for their sins.They have a right to love in whatever form it comes…..I know a young man who was threatening to comitt suicide just this past Sunday,all because his Mom doesn’t accept him,and as long as we refuse to accept it/them,they’ll be alot more attempting and committing.Having friends that accept them isn’t enough when their family’s approval or at least their understanding is what they crave…….

    • CHRISTIANS are CHRIST like. They should know the WORD of GOD which is JESUS HIMSELF and strive to live by it. There is a spirit behind every action. Gay is controlled by a spirit just like any other sin. Being GAY is a SIN. Do not sugar code any sinful ways. The Bible says resist the devil and it will flee, if you cannot help yourself in any sinful way, please go for deliverance. JESUS CHRIST is able to set you free, it was for these reasons that HE died and rouse again. JESUS is ALIVE!. Yes GOD is the ONLY JUDGE, and we should not judge one another. GOD BLESS.

      • OK, but, what about the ones that have an attraction to the same sex, thought it was wrong and tried to date and have sexual feelings for the opposite sex? They end up unhappy and begin in a path to depression, imagine the Feelings of being unaccepted by changing yourself just to please every one around. They can’t help who they were, and by “leading them in the right path” make THEM happy?

    • I take you have not read about Sodom and Gomorrah huh Sarah? Genesis 19 The bible also tells us not to judge others or we will be judged in the same manor. But truth is truth. Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth! 2 Timothy 2:15


    • I am not judgmental, but I don’t support gaysor any kind of relationship other than a male and a female. There should be no other relations other than that. Cause #GOD does no approve of this. An I am a Christian also.

    • Jesus taught us to love everyone but hate the sin. People today get it twisted and hate the people due to the sin. Jesus didn’t hang out and kick it with all holy rollers but rather he kicked it with the sinners. And you’re right we are not to judge people but we are allowed to judge a person based on their fruits. I personally don’t buy into the hype that people are born gay. Show me the DNA coding that decides a persons sexually orientation and I will be happy to reconsider. Of course only after it lines up with the Bible. That being said I have a few gay friends, 2 of which are life long friends with whom I’m very close with. However just like they want rights I too have rights and it’s the freedom of expression. My friends who choose this lifestyle know my stance on it. Doesn’t mean I hate them and actually it’s very much opposite. I love them and wish to spend eternity walking the same places and making the same memories. Just doesn’t mean I have to keep my opinion to myself much like they don’t keep their opinion to themselves. And I agree the world needs more love. Love is the root to everything. All the great leaders killed preached love. Why is that you ask; it’s because love trumps everything and rebuilds all. From humans to plants to the earth. If we have undying love like Christ loves us nothing is impossible.

    • God says in the bible, which Christians should follow everyday, in aspiring to be more like Christ, that homosexuality is an abomination. You can show respect for them, as a human being, but supporting something God did not, is not what he has called is to do. I mean for Pete’s sake, he destroyed sodom and gomorrah, homosexuality being the big reason. And a couple years ago, an archaeologist, went to a place, where the Bible described that sodom and gomorrah was, started digging, and viola, a buried city of ash, and evidence of a hot fiery death, just as the Bible had said. So if you’re really a Christian, I’d say read the bible about that, and change your support to respect, you can still be a loving Christian, without conforming to the world.

    • If you are a gay then dont call yourself a Christian, because God forbid the homo sexual activity…
      so please be specific to what you follow… God is not a fool to give us a woman/ a man to satisfy ourselves in the Marriage…. so if you are a Gay then which side are you… SATANIC …

    • Maybe some are born gay, but I don’t think trusting someone’s opinion of why they do what they do is a very good policy. I don’t think many psychology experts would agree with that method. I think sexual abuse, emotional damage caused by the opposite sex, and plain desperation also lead to homesexuality. I only need one word to support that theory: prison

    • People are NOT BORN GAY!!! GOD made Adam & Eve, NOT Adam & Steve NOR Eve & Evelynn……. So stop with the “born” gay BULLS***!!!!

      • Yeah, god made Adam and eve, so we repopulate! But that makes it seems like we also support incest, but no, at that time it was convenient for the growth of the population, and their are consequences of being sexual active with your blood siblings now.
        And now the population of men and women are high, so their is no need of a lot of sexual relationship with the opposite gender l, so what of their existence are in god plans? Didn’t he make everything in this world for a reason?

    • Amen sister. I am a straight Catholic who believes that any human gay or straight who accepts The Lord has a place in heaven. Let He who is without sin cast the first stone. What right has anyone got to judge someone’s lifestyle when they have committed mortal/venial sins. By saying things like “To be gay is an abomination!” makes one sound like the Pharisees-the very scumbags who denied Our Lord and had Him crucified. “Love Thy Neighbour!” Is Christ’s commandment and I follow that so that makes me a Christian. Hating gays doesn’t make you a Christian. It makes you a hypocrite

    • Am sorry but for someone like you to be “Christian” get your acts together okay. I’m pretty sure in the bible God didn’t say he made man to love man or something like that! We can’t support these types of human, I know we’re human and hell no we aren’t judging at all! It plained to be seen. When you judge it’s because you’re not too sure and may not have been on site to have gathered enough evidence!

    • U have to know what god requires of us , the bible states that obedience is god’s first law . god wants us to obey the commandments, homosexuality is not of god if u think about it it spells the death of the human race as we know it. we need to seek the guidance of the most high to decide what is the right path for us to take

  24. Well for somebody to say no body is born gay is stuppied how u no ya god that’s judgmental to people are born all type of ways god don’t see all that god see ur heart were do people get there opinions oh excuse me that can be judging but anyway every body that’s gay ain’t gay but believe it or not some people who are gay has been like that all there life a judge is a judge who are ya to say what’s learned and what’s real I guess all y’all going to hell to. Judge me he be judge keep ur opinions to ur self

      • So you sat down and talked to God about this personally?!?!? Because I’m pretty sure it was repeated multiple times to love thy neighbor and love all mankind. And let’s add that it’s not your place to judge no one as you have probably sinned yourself as you have because you have indeed judged. So please get over yourself and read the entire word and it’s contradictory words and then come back.

      • Because times have changed stupid ass. And no one is born liking nothing only time tells. Some of the dumb ass people making the same dumb ass comments you are should sit 👇 like you should. Love thy in as thyself and love GOD!!!

      • Judge n you shall be judged.calling u ignorant wpuld just be contradicting. God bless you and all your endeavors…

      • You can be and it’s a fact. It is also a choice. That’s like saying you can’t be born straight. Life is full of sin and undesired behaviors and some things are just brought upon you. Do u think someone chooses to be gay at 5,6,7,8,9 etc years of age, no.

    • Thank you cre, that’s my thoughts exactly. Some people may choose to be gay for personal reasons. I understand some women may have been hurt by men and/or simply find themselves attracted to some women and choose to fully act on those feelings, and men could date other men for these same reasons. But some ARE born a certain way, and? You’re gonna force someone that is born a certain way to do things like the rest of us? That’s literally like forcing a handicapped person to use the stairs. The point is, yes, God forgives!!! He DID send his Son to die on the cross for our sins, no matter which sins they are!!! None of us are perfect, so I HATE when we sit here trying to judge each other for sinning differently. Talk about illogically pathetic. Anyway, thank you for sharing the truly Christian point of view. We need to stop forcing other people to come to God, they have to be willing to and understand His Word. YES, it is natural for man and woman to be together. Even if I wasn’t Christian, this is what I have always believed. But you have to understand the reason why people choose certain lifestyles in the first place before you try and reach out to them and get them to see the errors in their ways as far as that lifestyle, and you have to accept the fact that some people are born gay and it is truly a part of who they are. There is nothing more inspirational than a truly gay man or woman who believes and trusts in God, because they are able to recognize the unconditional love God has for all of us. No matter what we do, He wants us to come to Him. We need to realize that we are all sinners, and this world is very corrupt, and it is very easy to get tempted against God. But instead of just judging, how about we uplift each other? State your point of views, and then just pray for somebody for a change. Let them know that you’re there for them and keep it moving. Never force anybody to do anything. God gave us free will for a reason.

      • A homosexuals god, is one that they’ve imagined, that is okay with homosexuality. It’s not the same god heterosexuals worship. Sure god forgives, but when you accept Jesus as your personal lord and savior, ask him into your heart, and truly get saved, you change, and you desire to be more like Christ everyday. So I ask, how can someone that is truly saved, keep indulging in something that God hates? I used to think people were born gay, but the homosexuals that say that they were, I think had something happen very early in life, to make them that way, god just wouldnt let someone be born gay, and have a destination of hell I’m the future would he? No, he sent his son to die for us, so that whoever believed in him, wouldn’t perish but have eternal life. Yes we all have free will, to do what we choose, but if we are Christians, we strive to be more like Christ and less if this world, which in this argument, would be turning from our wicked ways of homosexuality.

      • I agree with your views on the sin of homosexuality, Jon. It is 100% a sin to me, which I may not have made clear. You’re problem is you cannot accept the fact that some people are born gay. Even if they are not, which is a POSSIBILITY and not a fact – a true believer of God will see the error in their lifestyle and take the steps to change it. Simple as that. But if they are born gay, they are born gay. Once again, do not get to the point where you have to force someone to do anything. Pray for them, if that is the best thing you can do in that situation. Let God handle the rest. I seriously am quite disgusted when there are so many terrible sins in the world, and people focus on one sin that to me is one of the least ones we have to worry about, and take all the steps to force them to change it. I’m not saying it’s wrong to think homosexuaity is a sin! I’m saying just like for every other sin – let them be blessed by reading the Bible and come to church, and decide on their own what they want to do–if it is in fact a decision. Once again, if it is in fact a decision that they can make. God knows our heart, so it’s not we can hide of our true desires. God also knows our minds and what we’re capable of.

      • The problem with your whole assumption of how God made us, Jon… It’s like saying God wouldn’t just allow allow people to be born with certain disabilities/conditions. Like saying God didn’t allow people in the Bible to sin so he could destroy them. Like saying God wouldn’t just introduce sin into this world and condemn people to hell that did not come to Him (as we all know that is the consequence). Please understand that God has a plan for all of us. You and I both know that only God knows why He did what He did. Remember Exodus, when God hardened Pharoah’s heart? It’s like teaching us a lesson, the consequences of heeding God and disobeying God! All we know?? Is that God loves us conditionally, no matter how we sin, and He WANTS us to be saved–that is to trust and obey Him, NO MATTER who we are. Let’s just leave it at that.

  25. The biggest argument in psychology is Nature vs. Nurture. Nobody is BORN gay. Its a choice that derives from being raise and influenced by women. As kids, we are sponges. We do what we learn……point blank……period.

    • I never watched my mother suck dick so where did the curiosity diverge from if you say it was taught thru some sponge like influence

      • Lmao, right. Ppl gonna feel the way they feel, I sure pray they kids don’t become gay or is gay and the parents don’t know it because it’s clear they would be disowned by some of these ppl

    • Oh so my dad taking me out hunting. Putting me in Boy Scouts. Waking me up at 5:30 every morning to go running. Putting me in charge of protecting my baby sister. Yeah… I could see how all of that would lead me to be in a lifestyle that HAPPENS IN THE PRIVACY OF MY OWN BEDROOM!!!!!!! You are so ignorant! And let me just say this as a psychology graduate that those who usually show their disdain for homosexuals are harboring their own homosexual tendencies and deflecting to take attention off themselves! Just saying…….

      • Lol, you’re ignorant to think that’s what he’s talking about, hunting and all those things. Minds are sponges at an early age, 1-6, but yes we learn quickly as a human race after those ages. But I’m sure he’s talking about relationships, that you see others in, growing up, homosexuality is an escape from something they’re running from. And you’re quote, could be another, one who shows this level of disdain for homosexuals, could just be a true bible believing Christian, just sayin.

    • Being gay is not the results of how u were raised. I was raised up in a good home and had the best of the best But wen I was like nine I was looking at girls and women so to me I was born that way I don’t have any other explanation for it.

      • You know what we are all BORN INTO THIS SIN SIN World…The bible says that When Adam and eve disobey God SIN enter in and contaminated this World…I believe the Lord LOVES YOU SO MUCH HE died on a passionate way for you so you wouldn’t go to Hell…So God give up His RIGHT TO BE right of giving us what e deserve…BUT GOD HIMSELF HUMBLE HIMSELF for me and YOU…I know everything in this Life is A choice and it doesn’t matter how you wad rise God Loves You HE WANT YOU to know He is there yo HELP YOU TURN AWAY from THIS evil behaviour and other things too…I believe in my HEART YOU Want to know your purpose, WHY ME why I’m I like this, what’s the point of living…The LORD Wants you to know HE LOVES U SOOO MUCH THE truth hurts but it will set you free…I came from this same lifestyle, going to the strip clubs, talking on the phone with the same sex….I believe this if you wAnt to change for The Lord…You really do need a church that’s Going to LOVR ON YOU So you can get heal….from some things in your pass, totally need to forgive yourself…In order for these Lust/pervision have legal right to you…you must admit it that it’s a SIN….really really need to he in a SOLD OUT FORGIVE THE LORD!!!!remember God see everything…

    • Omfg did you just spew nonsense as it were the gospel. My brother and I were raised by a house full of woman and both of us have wives and children. No we are not on the down low we are not living alternative secret lives we are very proud Latin men whom respect the fact that our mother aunt and grandmother taught us what it is to be a man, not some immature bigot that claims being born gay isn’t possible. Its not a choice think about it. In the early days when being gay was a crime and looked on as vile and had to be hidden, where if you were a man you’d be beaten to death in the street if you were gay and if you were a lesbian groups of men would rape the women all the while hearing things like ” I’ll. Fu** you straight” all you need is a good di** from a real man and you’ll want men again”. Tell me why would anyone choose that. Why would they willingly jeopardize their life by choice??

      • The same way the disciples jeopardized their life by choice. And being raised in a house full of women, grandma, mother and aunt, straight women might I add, definitely will influence being straight, duhhhhh.

    • Really , did you lose mind. I have to say that a person IS born gay! It’s not a learned / nurtured frame of mind. Did you say “I’m going to be straight” NOOOOO you did you and are living your life where your heart is. So why in the HELL would someone intentionally put them self in a relationship to which they have to defend themselves to IGNORANT CLOSED MINDED people like yourself! Answer : Because it’s NATURE!

    • okay first off… I myself am gay.. Do u think I choose to wake up each day and get harassed, taunted, threatened, and belittled… No being gay isn’t a choice… POINT BLANK PERIOD… we don’t choose who we love or what we love. god mad us a part of this world, he made idiots like y’all for a reason to make smart outgoing loving people in my community like myself stronger then you ignorant people… Y’all need to stop judging or he will judge u….. Spooking on that note study ur Bible cause y’all haters are as much sinning as I am.. Xoxo

  26. Who really gives a flying fook we are what we are. It really dosent matter what anyone thinks. Every single person on the planet is different thats all in our DNA. Gay lesbian black white. Blue with yellow spots who cares !!!! Not Me

  27. Leviticus 18:22

    You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.

    Leviticus 20:13

    If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them

    Romans 2:1-5

    Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things. We know that the judgment of God rightly falls on those who practice such things. Do you suppose, O man—you who judge those who practice such things and yet do them yourself—that you will escape the judgment of God? Or do you presume on the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience, not knowing that God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance? But because of your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed

    Being gay is a sin. Judgment is a sin. It is for no-one to diside another’s faith.that is between them and GOD.

  28. Im so glad everybody in this thread has a personal experience with the father and what he likes and dislikes. Those that aren’t part of the family can’t tell you what daddy said cuz they weren’t there in the family meeting. Interpreting things to fit their needs. But when God does judge you he will say delay from me you workers of hidden sins, i don’t know you. Don’t tell family secrets. He said don’t give that which is holy to dogs. Some things are to stay in the family. He said don’t argue with fools I’m telling daddy on you.

  29. Im so glad everybody in this thread has a personal experience with the father and what he likes and dislikes. Those that aren’t part of the family can’t tell you what daddy said cuz they weren’t there in the family meeting. Interpreting things to fit their needs. But when God does judge you he will say depart from me you workers of hidden sins, i don’t know you. Don’t tell family secrets. He said don’t give that which is holy to dogs. Some things are to stay in the family. He said don’t argue with fools I’m telling daddy on you.

  30. Can u imagine all the pleasure he gets lol ! Wish he was straight ! I’d have fun keeping all those cocks bizzy .to each girl their own alm at the same dam time in my 2chain voice

  31. They way I see it is at least whichever woman he is with when it’s time for sexy will have 4 different sizes she can choose from depending on her sex drive at the time lmao

  32. Nature vs. Nurture, being born gay/lesbian is ALL true. No one situation fits everyone. I believe some people were born different sexually, i also believe that some people are a product of their environment. Is homosexuality right in the eyes of God? That’s not my place to judge. Biblically speaking the new testament provides an opportunity for everyone to be saved. Murderers, rapists, and yes even homosexuals are included in God’s mercy. Jesus died for ALL of our sins.

  33. God dose not dwell in an unclean place.Yes he sed you got to let the wheat and Terrie grow together when he come back he will separate so if you are a christen then you shud kno that God destroyed a city for that so No one is born gay you need to read your Bible sweetheart.

  34. Let me chime In right here, yes God loves everybody but HATES sin ALL sin! Yes he created man in his image and states man should not lay w/man! The word also said that the saints shall judge the world!

    • Amen…. And Gods word will never change….. We must pray for one another, for those who have not asked for forgiveness and formed a relationship with God, also for ourselves that we continue in our relationships with God…Christians do mess up whether it be a bad thought, an attitude, any little “white lie”, looking at anyone other than your spouse inappropriately, etc…Thank God for His forgiveness, His Grace, as we grow deeper in relationship with Him, we loose the desire to sin and it makes it easier not to….. God lovessssssss us all, However, His laws are law! What a lot of folk don’t realize, as Christians, what we support, we will reap from….know the difference between judging and speaking truth for ones Godly benefit…. God cannot change and He won’t change with the current times and Lifestyles…. Said with Love….#dontwannaseeanysoulinhell

  35. Hmm Sodom and Gamora ring a bell to say that GOD won’t judge you for being homosexual is really DUMB. God made Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve.

  36. In the ancient Roman days men was gay so all the bible is doing repeating history . WE asked God why things in the world the way it is because the world is not perfect and it shall never be. HE gives us choices in life it comes into two’ s left right up down night day etc. The choices you make in LIFE mold your future and he gave us his son so we can repent our sins before we die.

  37. Tee the word also says thou shall not steal, kill commit adultery and disobey parents. But I never see ppl rallying about that. They will go to Hell for that not us

  38. First I’m not for same sex anything. However it’s their lives. It’s amazing how ppl seem to focus on that! Ppl murdering, lying disobeying their parents but all you hear is ,”things have changed”. Why not march on that, let’s do all the things we do to stop homosexuals let’s do that to stop all sin

  39. I know plenty of gay people who are really good friends of mine and it breaks my heart to see what they have to go through…. First off do you people realize the bible was man made, not only was it man made but it was written in a different language, not only was it written in a different language but it has also been changed so many times over the thousands of years!!!!! Get over yourself people, these people fight these urges everyday to be what you people call “normal” I’ve had friend try to commit suicide for these thoughts that they think are so wrong because you people tell them they are wrong!!!! To all my gay and lesbian people, live your life, god made you the way you are, love thyself because god loves all of you!!!! 💋

    • I so agree with you. My little sister was born a Hermaphrodite. My mother had the male organs removed. As my sister grew up she always showed more male characteristics than female. As an adult she dates woman has never been with a man, and is judged for it everyday. Now I don’t see her as a lesbian but others do because they don’t know. The point I’m making is if u are a hermaphadite how can u not be born gay

    • Lovely said . I’m a bisexuality but more of a lady’s lady’s because of men if men where nicer to women and woman nicer to men there probably not be so many gay please in this world. But I love who ever u are because I’m a loving and caring person and god love’s me and everyone else for who that respect each other. God bless everyone. Amen xxx


  41. Well we never can know it all…..When the bible said don’t be shocked you might see a prostitute in heaven that last day.so it’s not in our place to judge people.befor u we try to remove dirt from others eye let’s first remove the plank in ours.the first commandment is love…..let’s learn to love others despite what and whom they are.what if this is you, just what if.guys instead of hating let’s pray for them.you never know why some people are what they are.try find out what made them that way before judging them.nobody knows how he will judge us all on the last day.let there be peace.

  42. You all sitting here arguing about someone sexuality. There are more important issues going on in this world like the police are shooting and killing African Americans argue about that and quit judging people.

  43. This is fake. And “God” doesn’t make mistakes!! If you’re born a male you’re a male. God made everything simple man make things complicated!!!

  44. To receive the salvation that Jesus Christ suffered for you must BELIEVE in your heart AND confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and savior. It is nit enough to just say it. One who is truly convicted in their hearts of this will have the Longing to walk a Godly lifestyle, though they will fall short as humans they will genuinely long and strive to walk a holy life. This is what separates truly saved Christians from other sinners. We die to our fleshy (body) desires and walk in the desires of GOD. This means giving up those wordly sins that bring us pleasure as a show of gratitude for HIS sacrifice. This is what is meant in the bible whete it says in the end many will cry “father, father ” and say but I did this and that in your name and Jesus will simply reply “..but I never knew you”. I believe that some people are born gay, however, as with any sin it is the act itself that defiles you, so the act is what must be sacrificed and given up. It will be hard, but its possible. Doesn’t seem fair from a worldy view, but when you think about was it fair what Jesus went through for us? I hope this touches someones heart. Be blessed.

  45. It’s funny how people want God to accept what he calls sin.He will not change for you,me,and anybody else.He destroyed cities because of sin and yes some displayed homosexual lifestyles BUT they weren’t the only ones sinning.Let me say this God doesn’t hate anybody,It’s SIN he hates!!And some people tend to think homosexuality as the only sin well it’s not.Sin is lying,cheating,stealing,killing,sex outside of marriage,destroying your temple(body),gossiping/killing others with words,hate,envy or wanting what others have etc…I’m sure everyone has fallen under 1 or more of these categories..But the good is u can ask God for forgiveness and Repent(meaning turn away from your sin)and he will forgive u.Nobody shouldn’t point out anybodys shortcomings evaluate yourself.Christians we are suppose to be a light in a dark world..If u want to lead people to Christ do it with Love.

  46. I mean like people actually thinks this real you all arguing over sexuality and biblical bullshit when this could be a hoax dont you think this wouldve made world news and sparked heavy scientific debats and theories… and p.s the bible was written by man than later what was put in it was pick and chose by Constantine (a king) and back then that behavior was looked down upon, IDIOTS.

  47. God destroyed Sodom n Gamora. ..for same sex gestures…Men on men women on women is not of GOD even if you believe in him….He loves man but man behavior is the worse…
    I guess homos n lesbians think they goin to heaven…. (Not)….
    Homosexuality is another curse from satan……..

  48. Omg can I ask these stupid people why are you so happy to judge gays and lesbians when clearly we are who we are we harm nobody and all we ask for is to be treated as human beings. Now what about turning ur vile thoughts to hating and judging pedophiles and murderers.
    How dare you say we chose to be gay I had 2 older brothers and was treated in the same way so please tell me WHY are they straight. If in your words it’s nurture surely they wud be gay too. You really are stupid. Personally I don’t believe that there is one person(God) and if there is a god you tell me why he lets millions of people Die too young kids get molested etc etc. You see we don’t harm nobody all we want is to be left alone to live our life as we were born to do. Oh and can I just say I got married in October to the man I LUV and my daughter was bridesmaid and my son best man, yes I have kids I was married to a woman see people like you made me hide who I really was and people like you forced me to hate myself so much I tried taking my life n leave my kids without a dad. So you small minded people keep doing what your doin cos you are all responsible for the death of gay people who can’t cope with being attacked both physically and verbally by scum like you haters. Cos your GOD allows you to hurt people with words and that is ok…rant over

  49. ok I pray this will Help someone run to CHRIST LIKE NEVER BEFORE…. OK we are all born into thia sin sin world, so we must be Born again through CHRIST and to be filled with the Holy spirit to renew us from the inside and outside, our minds, hearts, body, spirit and life style this can only all with the HELP OF THE LORD!!! AMEN… The LORD Who created ALL things. How does God warns US?
    1) Creation Romans 1:20
    2) Our Conscience 1 Tim.4:2
    3)The Bible Mal 3:6
    4) Other people God sends people across our path to tell us about HIMSELF and how to get to HEAVEN and to build a true relationship with HIM
    5) Dreams and visions job 33:14-24
    God gives everyone all throughout their lives opportunity after opportunity to be warned about HELL. A FEW preachers have portrayed God as one holding the hammer just waiting on you to blow it so HE can strike you over the Head. This is not God. Even in the old testament when God had to execute JUDGEMENT. HE GAVE WARNING AFTER WARNING to the people and had no delight in there punishment. HE even warned Judas.
    THERE will be no one in HELL unjustly. Every single person will deserve to be there because they rejected God’s dying on the CROSS for them HIS eternal act of LOVE… Many mock God their entire LIVES AND THINK they can SIN AND GET AWAY WITH IT. The FACT is, you can’t. No one can..I SPEAKING TO me too and every Believer of Christ stop Playing CHURCH….
    Listen we all say this ALLLLLLL the time ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE…God knows my HEART…GOD IS LOVE… OK stop right here for a sec think about this?? Don’t you know you can feel people but NOT GOD….Everything that’s happening in this world ALL THIS HAVE TO happen CHRIST IS COMING Back soon very soon ARE u ready? ARE YOU teaching the Word of the LORD and living/ Practicing what you read in the BIBLE??? are you building leaders to take over when you are called home? So many churches lack of the have FEAR OF THE ANY MORE, many in the body of Christ live compromised lifestyles. They feel little conviction of their of their sin. This is partly because our society today is very tolerant of SIN and we think GOD IS THE SAME WAY. A LACK of the FEAR of The Lord brings with it a slackness in our walk, and we become more susceptible to life-style of SIN: Back bitting, unnatural affection to the same sex, lust, greed, jealousy, angry, lying, lasciviousness, fornication, rage, witchcraft, beastiality, back slidder, drinking to get super waste, murder, its so much sin out there this list can go on on on on BUT SIN IS SIN TO GOD BIG OR SMALL…
    PLEASE read 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Eph 5;5 Rev 21:8,27
    Many also believe that since God is LOVE, HE IS NOT A GOD who punishes sin. BY believing this LIE, they sit rather comfortably and oblivious to the fate that AWAITS THEM.
    some are able to grasp the idea of punishment for sin, but it is usually only for those vile crimes against society such as murders, rape, child abuse, and the like . But the BIBLE SAY’S that all lying, stealing, lust, unforgiveness, the fearful, unbelieving, idolaters, fornicators, and so forth, so matter how minor we feel about our sin is, shall NOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. So I PRAY YOU listen and truly get a understanding about HELL FIRE…. PLEASE study to show yourself approve… PEACE AND love Tiffany Lowe
    P.s: AS long as we preach, JESUS loves you we wont ruffle any one’s feathers but the moment we preach REPENTANCE, WE anger more. Some get angry for even mentioning the possibility of them going to HELL. LETS say your Doctor tell you that you have an infection and unless you take a certain antibiotic, you will DIE. Would you say that doctor is being mean by telling you death is certain unless you take the pills?????? NO of course not!!! YOU would be grateful for the warning and especially for the antidote. IN THE SAME way, GOD tells us we are going to die because we ALL HAVE a disease, its called SIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REPENT… Peace and LOVE xoxxoxoxoxoxoxo

  50. Love is an emotion. Who you love is a an effect of that emotion. With that being said, a person chooses to love someone. So nobody is born “gay” or “straight.” It’s a simple decision that you make in life. I do not agree with that actions of a homosexual person, as I believe that it is wrong. I don’t love the person any less for their sin though. The same way I don’t agree with a their or a murderer but yet choose to love those people the same amount as I love anyone else. God is love. That much is true. However, God isn’t a theif, homosexual, or a murderer. Those actions, according to the bible, are wrong. God doesn’t hate the people though. God is love. However, you will be judged by your actions on earth, not by how much God loves you. The only way into heaven is through God, and the repentance of your sins. Not by living a perfect life, but by admitting that you sin and you desire to do better.

  51. God’s Word is judgement! man is not judging when they are speaking the Lord’s word! It is the Lord God who is judging! before speaking Google in the King James Version about homosexuality and you will see many many scriptures from the beginning of the Bible to the end of the Bible! God judges according to his word!

  52. For all of you claiming to know so much about Christianity, how many of you have ACTUALLY read the bible? How many of you have actually STUDIED it? Just cause you can halfway quote a verse doesn’t qualify you to comment when you have no scriptural context to interpret from. “Judge not lest ye be judged with the same measure…” is so misused by people who want to justify their actions and rebel against the authority of God. It’s like reading half a sentence then saying you know the entire story. The sad thing here is that there is no intellectual honesty here by any of the posters. You have shown true ignorance by pretending you understand the bible when you haven’t even cracked it open. Let’s stop spouting rhetoric and approach the topic with intelligent arguments. For the poster who keeps spouting off that almost every sin is an abomination, let me correct you. There are 2 subjects in the bible which are referenced as an abomination, and homosexuality is one of them. That being said, out of 66 books written over a 2000 year period by numerous authors, 2 subjects, homosexuality being one of them, show the gravity of that sin. It is shameful, that so many people are blinded by hatred for Christians simply because they disagree. Where is your tolerance? Hypocrisy is also a sin and those who are intolerant, NOT those who disagree with the nature of homosexuality, are the true hypocrites. See, as Christians they already know they are sinners and will will never be perfect. But they also have Christ who washes away their sin through His death. They also know that they are by His spirit can conquer these sins. What do you and others have to help you conquer these sins??? It amazes me how JUDGEMENTAL non Christians are and yet they claim to be soooooo tolerant. The biggest HYPOCRITES of all. Telling someone their actions are sinful is not being judgemental, it is corrective. If no one ever told you lying, cheating or stealing is wrong then you went to jail for it, you would be imprisoned because of your ignorance. Would you wonder why your parents, relatives or friends didn’t tell you that it was wrong and that there were consequences for it? This is no different, no true Christian wants anyone to suffer the consequences of sin; which the bible states “for the wages of sin is death”. It is love that compels true Christians to speak truth and it is hate that compels non Christians to attack them for it. God sent Jesus to die for man’s sin, and all are welcome if they accept Him, the price for that is simple obedience. He asks for nothing more than that.

  53. Let me correct:
    Christians ARE to judge as in righteous judgment. Which means the very word of God. Not saying oh look at that homeless guy their he must be disgusting ew don’t touch me!Cray fool(that’s judging)But using the word of God only.

    Number two:We were Created in Gods own image until what? we sin that brought in the separation of man and God,Jesus Corrected that.

    Three: Yes sin is sin and none is higher than the other but the Bible calls us to correct each other,if the bro don’t want to hear it then leave him and dust of ya feet.

    Finally, as Christians we are to becoming more and more Christ LIKE. Jesus Christ didn’t play with sin and was direct in corrections. So stop. Alot of people study the Bible but have no relationship with God and place their own thoughts and scholarly research as fact. But what does the Bible say? A poor mans wisdom is despise. As in your walking by the flesh and not the spirit. God is spirit and spirit can only see Spirit. Done with my rant. Continue with the senseless comments.

  54. All I have 2 say is that a person is not judging by talking 2 U when U are straying from His word for he who see his neighbors straying from God Word & don’t go 2 him &talk 2 him, then his sin is os U, but if U go 2 him & chastise him, U are forgiven &his sin is no longer on U. We all have sin &fallen short of God’s Word but if U see me sin, come 2me &talk 2 me & if I ignore U then my sins are all on me.

  55. i think his gay partner was an alien from another planet. and that guy is missing so it proves that he is alien 100℅. i think that alien must have done some experiment on human body

  56. God wil purnish olla u gays,,idiots,,,u re all possess,,dimonic people, ,u re all walking dead,,zombies ,,it disgust me,,,cn u imagin wah dis fools re saying,,,saying wat God did nt say,,bco he created u in his own image means u shud go fuck a man lik u,,,irritting gud 4 notin gays,,,ur fadas olla u

  57. its amazing how we can take the bible to support or disprove our position on an issue. those who are right is using the Bible to prove the others wrong and those who are wrong are using the bible to prove the others wrong. watch a world

  58. Graphic Design work. You should stop such fallacy. Watching the picture of the other growing penis the size the same and the nerve position the same. The. Small one there have the circumference with the big one. compare them.

  59. As Christians we are suppose to love the sinner and hate the sin! I do not support gay rights or the gay lifestyle, but I do love the person. What we all need to understand is that we are all under the Grace! Which means that if we were still under the law, we would all be dead because of God’s wrath when it comes to all of our disobediences to His Word! Thanks to Grace, we are forgiven if we truly repent from our sinning lifestyles, this is why I thank God for Jesus everyday! God is a God of love but God also have a wrath, like a parent when His children are being selfish and disrespectful, and disobedient, and ungrateful! We all need more compassion for one another and patience when it comes to our differences… Beating someone up for the choices they made is not the answer, but letting them know that there is another way a better way, and speak it in love and show them love and being a witness to this it will change lives! God Bless you all and have a great day…. ☺

    • Its not a choice! This is what you need to realize. Lemme explain so u can understand…..i have liked boys since i was 5 years old ok i had no idea what it was i had. No name for it i jus new i was different. What choices is a 5 yearvild making? No one at 5 is making those type of choices pple like u dont want to belive we r born that way….well we are! So its not a sin cus ee cant control it! God made us that way accept it!! All of my gay n lesbian friends all new since 5 6 n 7 years old. No kid is making choices at that age!!! We all liked the same sex since we were little kids!! Accept it! Throuought all my teens i prayed for it to go away i cried i didnt know wat it was jus new i was different i heard all the negative words on tv about gay n fag i didnt want to be associated with that so i hid it until i became a older teen and could be out n proud!

      • No matter what we say people will choose to believe what they want. Ive liked the same sex since elementary and hid it until I was in my early 20’s because I was ashamed but now I know I can live comfortable because I didn’t choose to be this way this is just how I am, and I’m proud to be who I am no matter who doesn’t like it.

      • Everyone is born into sin with sinful desires. The bible clearly says it’s a sin and it breaks my heart. If someone has a drug addiction they can just stop and that’s it but I believe homosexuality is one of the cruelest things the enemy has thrown at us as a people because it effects the Heart! Like say someone says ok I know being gay is wrong and I want to live right, well what are they suppose to do? Just kick to the curb someone they love and that loves them? We all have our own sins and we can try and help our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ know the truth but bashing and down grading or hating the people is Not being Christ-like which is the definition of Christian! I don’t hate or judge anyone but the enemy who’s come to kill steal and destroy people’s lives, joy, peace and identity. God bless you and much love.

      • Just because you had an attraction to the same sex as a child does not make it right. We were all born in Sun and we all have different sinful desires to overcome. Yours happens to be homosexuality. God does not approve of that lifestyle. I pray you ask God for forgiveness and help in that area of your life.

      • We all have choices. Whether we entertain them is the question. Being gay is wrong. Murder is wrong. Child molestation is definitely wrong! We’ve all felt like we wanted to literally kill someone, which is wrong. Clearly there are harsh consequences. I’m pretty sure we’ve felt this way at very young ages when not getting our way. Either you entertain the idea, or you surpress it, which it goes away, the same way as you getting over someone you once loved and no longer have feelings for. You can learn otherwise the same way we learn what type of people are good for us and what types are not and choose to develop a resentment towards that person or that type. We all have feelinga and emotions that we cannot entertain and the value of them loses their fire and dwindles away.

      • 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

      • I too believe that they are born this way. And no one has the right to judge. I am straight and I truly believe that. Coming from a mother of a gay child. Love them no matter what. So ppl don’t be so ignorant

    • Let’s be honest here, in bible God was referring to men sleeping with little boys raping them but people choose to interpret this in such a way tht cast out a group of people that are worthy of everything anyone else is. You made it ok to eat shell fish, catfish and cheat on your husbands and wives and get divorced which the bible has clear stipulations and consequences for but I don’t know a Christian that hasn’t ate shrimp unless their allergic or one who was stoned for commiting adultery . So homosexuality is not wrong it is and has been in thousands of species that God created and been around since creation. Being a Christian is more than loving God or reading the Bible who was written by man. Its open to interpretation and if you read the Kings james version who was a gay man you really don’t have a argument based on religion.. Its something different to you so its automatically wrong. So do your research and know the God your serving because the one I serve don’t make mistakes and is about love which All you so called Christians obviously need more of…

      • And while ur agreeing with this fake Christian where in the bible is the word homosexual or homosexuality..? Right cuz you won’t find it there. Unless your reading a English bible made in the 1950’s where the word was added but There is no word in biblical greek or hebrew that means or equivalent to what homosexuality or homosexual means .. Get your facts straight before you speak nonsense..You interpret the bible without knowledge or not having did 1 bit of research..

    • Oh please. Gay, straight, lesbian, who cares? You Christians are all the same. You preach love for your fellow man, but you also say that if that man or woman is gay or lesbian no matter what they do, or how good that person is, they go to hell. Your god is pathetic if he judges people on their sexuality rather than the content of their character. We are all gods, if you think about it. We can make life, bring great peace or destruction, and sculpt worlds. I don’t know about you, but I want my god to judge me based on what decisions i’ve made, not the ones I was born with. Equality for life.

  60. God accepts you for who you are. He died for our sins. I love everyone for who they are no matter if they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. I was in a relationship with a man and he was abusive and treated me like shit. So I went to a women for comfort 3years ago and she treats me like I wanna be treated {a queen}. I deserve to be treated as such whether it is with a female or male, that’s my right and I don’t care who cares. Only God can judge me.

  61. This is not true and not possible how can all them are circomsize ,I believe If you tou were about to grow a 3 pennis no way they will be circumsise.Come on people is camera trick ,trick photography.do not believe all you see on the internet this days so many things you can do with this machine call computer.
    Don’t beleive it and fir most is not true medicaly..

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