Namibia: 50 000 Drivers Face Arrest

Source: Namibian
Motorists with outstanding traffic fines have until today to pay up or face being arrested at work, at home or on the road.
This warning yesterday came from Superintendent Helena Mootseng, the spokesperson of the City Police.
She said the operation starting tomorrow will last for one or two months.
Motorists with outstanding fines who do not pay by today are guaranteed to be arrested, she emphasised. “Whether we arrest you this week or next week, you will be arrested.”
In order to avoid the inconvenience of an arrest after today’s deadline, motorists are advised to voluntarily go to the City Police offices, from where they will be escorted to court, she said.
According to her, there are currently 50 000 warrants of arrest outstanding. These are for fines issued as far back as 2008, the spokesperson said.
These alleged road hogs did not only fail to pay traffic fines, but also did not appear in court on the date stated on their summonses.
She said it is difficult to establish a monetary value but the total amount runs into millions of Namibia dollars. At an average of N$300 per ticket, the overdue fines are estimated to amount to N$15 million.
“That is why we are taking stringent action to recover the money. They force us to take these extreme measures.”
Earlier, it was reported that there are more private cars than taxis on the wrong side of the law in the Windhoek jurisdiction.

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