After countless denials on social media and a staunch refusal to admit to their rosy passion, we can (with
analytical authority) confirm that Yvonne Nelson And Ice Prince are an item in the love zone. And what’s more? It’s the second stint of romance for them love pups. Some years back, the Ghanaian screen diva had been in steaming romance with the ‘Aboki’ crooner, but due to undisclosed irreconcilable differences they both kissed goodbye and wished themselves luck. Yvonne Nelson fell right in with Iyanya, while Ice Prince found himself another Yvonne, Yvonne Nwosu the celebrity fashion designer. But some moinths on, and they both broke up with their new mates leaving
them free again. How convenient! Now they’re back together again, playing catch-up romance. Reports of their rediscovered love first made
the rounds several weeks back, only to be vehemently denied by Ice Prince on various social media platforms. But they’ve apparently relaxed their defence because reports from various sources say they’ve
been spotted, stepping together at different social events. And to further add meat to our perceived game, some few moments ago on twitter, Yvonne posted this
photo above on her Instagram page this afternoon, exactly the same time Ice Prince posted another one of
them together on his page, with the caption – Aboki……..apparently John (Dumelo) is my boyfriend������ he’s gonna kill you….you don’t wanna see his aboki side… Busted! Love always finds a way to scream out loud. Ice Prince, Yvonne, we wish you the best.

Lovers Entwined? Yvonne Nelson And Ice Prince Indeliberately Confirms Dating

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