Attention ladies, if you do not already own a monochrome-themed outfit and/or a print outfit, then please
understand that you’re a little behind time in fashionsphere, but no worries, you’re just in time to play catch-up as we’re here to guide you back on track. Last year saw the reign of colour blocks and the peplum dress, but with the release of the 2013 spring/
summer fashion collection by various labels, which officially marks the beginning of the fashion new year,
we see the vivid colour blocks of 2012 taking a backseat to give way to monochrome stripes and vivid
prints. As with all fashion trends, the monochrome and print trend borrows a leaf from past fashion eras most
notably the swinging sixties during which tie-dye, batiks and paisley prints held sway. Fast-forward 2013
and prints make a return appearance on fashion runways around the world. But, top on the trend list for the
2013 spring/summer collection is the monochrome stripes. With haute couture designers like Marc Jacobs,
Gucci and Louis Vuitton featuring edgy monochrome pieces on the runway and high street fashion
powerhouses like H&M and Marks&Spencer featuring them predominantly in their advert campaigns, there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing a lot of monochrome-themed outfits in the months to come.

2013 Fashion Trends: Bring in the Monochrome and Prints!

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