Parents, whose children attend a Memorial High School in Onitsha, were recently shocked to their marrows when their children returned home with the tale of how their principal was caught in his office while on a sex exploit with a female teacher. Uche Uduma writes.
Teachers are supposed to be role models in the society. And children are known to learn by example. When, however, some teachers throw all cautions to the wind to display their lecherous desires in the full glare of children, one wonders the morals left for the innocent children to emulate. This was exactly the drama that unfolded in one of the modern Memorial High Schools in Onitsha, Anambra State, recently, where the school principal and a CRK teacher, who had overtime been rumoured to be having extra-marital affairs, were finally caught pants down in the very illicit act. It all started as a rumour.

The rumour was that the CRK teacher, Mrs. Patience Uke (not real names), was always seen in the school premises at unusual hours after school, dressed in sexy clothes that left little to be imagined. While neighbours who live close to the school compound never stopped wondering what usually brought her back to the school each day after school, some teachers who had met her within the school premises on several occasions, also confirmed that she spent the whole time in the principal’s office. The intimacy between the two teachers got so intense that they became inseparable. They constantly had a reason to stay back in the school after school hours, and even on Saturdays and Sundays when no other teachers would be in school, they were always around.

The manner in which the two teachers flaunted their unusual closeness kept tongues wagging. One of the teachers in the school, who pleaded anonymity, told Leadership Sunday that oftentimes, they were caught in the morning assembly grinning from ear to ear and whispering to each other, right in the glare of the students. According to her, “On several occasions, some senior teachers have had cause to caution the school principal to curtail his closeness with the said lady, as the students were beginning to notice their closeness.

However, all pleas fell on deaf ears. Instead of the closeness between the two teachers to wane, it rather waxed stronger. The married woman, in particular, found the relationship rewarding, as she enjoyed undeserved privileges.” The source further told Leadership Sunday how “she (Mrs. Uke) was often excluded from duties assigned to teachers. She stopped staying at the staffroom for no reason. She was just above the law. Most times, she stays in the principal’s office within school hours and never showed up for her classes. Sometimes, they would lock up themselves in the principal’s office for hours while people wait outside for the principal.”

Nemesis, they say, has a way of catching up with evil doers. The two randy teachers, however, got more than they could chew when Zonal Inspectors from the Anambra State Ministry of Education unexpectedly visited the school one Monday morning. On that fateful morning, while other teachers were busy in their classrooms, doing what they were paid to do – teaching, the two lovebirds were entangled in unholy activities in the principal’s office. On arriving the school premises, the inspectors marched straight to the principal’s office, only to find the office locked. When they went round the whole school, they found out that all the teachers were in school, except the principal and his randy lover, Mrs Uke. Suspicion therein heightened when their cars were spotted in front of the principal’s office.

To further confirm their suspicion, the gateman affirmed that the principal and the lover were within the premises. Having gone round without seeing them, the inspectors thereafter surrounded the principal’s office. The climax of the drama came when the principal opened his office and the inspectors quickly swooped in.

However, it was learnt that the woman was not found. An eyewitness, who spoke with Leadership Sunday revealed that when the principal was being interrogated, he lied that the missing teacher went to a cybercafé, forgetting that the school has a functioning cybercafé for which the inspectors demanded that the principal should take them to the cybercafé. However, the confused principal was reluctant to lock up his office. When the tension heightened, one of the inspectors, who could not continue with the drama pulled a fast one on everyone by storming into an enclosed toilet in the principal’s office, only to find the jittery CRK teacher hiding in the principal’s toilet, in near nudity.

The furious inspectors went to the classrooms to find out how often the woman was coming to teach the students. It was also discovered that the teacher had not entered any classroom to teach since the term started, and no note of lesson, test nor assignment was given to the students. Also, it was discovered that she no longer stayed in the staffroom like other teachers do, but preferred to be with the principal. A corps member serving in the school, who did not want her name in print, stated that that was not the first time such thing was happening in the school. She said she had witnessed many indecent acts by some teachers in the school. The inspectors from the Ministry of Education, it was learnt, quickly transferred Mrs. Uke to another school, while the principal was pardoned, and probably allowed to continue his immoral activities in the school.

Culled from Leadership.ng

Gross Indiscipline: Randy Principal In Sex Romp With Lover

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