Celebs who’ve reinvented themselves

In case the artist formerly known
as Snoop Dogg’s name change
didn’t make it obvious that he’s in
the midst of reinventing himself,
perhaps his latest album title,
“Reincarnated,” will do the trick. Snoop Lion’s new look is a bit
more Bob Marley, while his new
sound is a bit more reggae.

Sean Combs has had his fair
share of monikers: Puff Daddy, Puffy, Puff, P. Diddy and Diddy.
He was even known as “Swag” for
one week in May 2011.

Having started out as a Fly Girl on
“In Living Color,” Jennifer Lopez
rose to fame as the star of 1997’s
“Selena.” In 2002, the singer
reminded fans that she’s just
Jenny From the Block. Despite a few box office flops and a highly
publicized relationship with Ben
Affleck, known to this day as
“Bennifer,” Lopez is one of the
most powerful women in the biz.

Mark Wahlberg had many legal
troubles as a teen growing up in
Boston. He eventually cleaned up
his act and released “Good
Vibrations” with Marky Mark and
the Funky Bunch in 1991. He has since made a name for himself as
a serious actor, appearing in films
such as “Boogie Nights” and “The
Fighter.” He’s also been on the
other side of the camera as the
executive producer of “Entourage” and “How to Make It in America.”

“How I Met Your Mother’s” Neil
Patrick Harris successfully made
the transition from child actor. He
got his start starring as an
underage doctor on ABC’s “Doogie
Howser, M.D.”

Former Mouseketeer Justin
Timberlake went from one-fifth of
the boy band *N Sync to a solo
force to be reckoned with in the
entertainment industry.
Timberlake, who ditched his blonde curls for a more polished
‘do, has appeared in “Alpha Dog”
and “The Social Network.” He’s
been praised for his latest album,
“The 20/20 Experience,” which
some critics have said boasts a more mature sound.

Arnold Schwarzenegger went from
being a professional bodybuilder
and starring in movies such as
“The Terminator” and “Predator”
to serving two terms as the
governor of California. After it came out that Schwarzenegger
fathered a child with someone who
was employed by his family years
prior, he appeared in “The
Expendables 2” and “The Last

After appearing in films such as
“Beetlejuice” and “The Hunt for
Red October,” Alec Baldwin’s
career looked like it might be past
its prime. The actor credits his
role on “30 Rock” with giving his career a boost. He has since
appeared in “It’s Complicated” and
“To Rome with Love,” and he’ll
soon welcome his second child —
his first with his wife Hilaria.

Despite winning a best original
screenplay Oscar with Matt
Damon for “Good Will Hunting,”
Ben Affleck wasn’t always taken
seriously in showbiz thanks to his
personal life, which included a highly publicized relationship with
Jennifer Lopez, and some of his
film choices. However, the actor
eventually settled down with
Jennifer Garner and became a
dad. He began taking on respected projects such as “The
Town” and “Argo,” which earned
Affleck his second Oscar.

Courtney Love has reinvented her
image a few times in her day.
Fans were stunned to see the
Hole front woman shed her typical
grunge- and punk-inspired
ensembles for the white gown and polished pixie cut she sported at
the 1997 Academy Awards. She
eventually revisited the darker,
more revealing looks she favored at the start of her career.

By Stephanie Goldberg, CNN

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