PHOTO: Medical Student Having Sex With Cadaver

This is just about the craziest,sicker than sick shit i’ve ever seen in my entire life….Damn!!! Lord have mercy….He could have just visited a brotel or something…

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I’m about to spoil your day, or night –depending on when and where you read this –but this is one time I can honestly say that’s something I do not relish.
I just got a picture of a cadaver being desecrated by medical students, and though I don’t know the source of the picture, I have it on –well, not too good authority –that the picture isn’t photo-shopped. This leaves me wondering, what kind of sick animal would actually do this. Yes, there’s a lot of sick in the world and necrophilia isn’t a word that’s completely unknown, but to actually take pictures performing sexual acts on a cadaver, possibly filming it, is on a whole different plain.
This isn’t the first time something like this, or at least closely related, has come up. Shouldn’t medical students get more supervision?
These lifeless bodies weren’t always so and deserve to…

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