Like Father, Like Son! Tom Cruise’s Son Connor To Make Bid For Fame As He Unveils Debut Dance TrackThe 18 year old has taken to Twitter to unveil the track

He may have one of the most famous dads in the world, but Connor Cruise still wants to make a name for himself it seems and has released his debut electronic dance track for the world to hear.

Tom Cruise’s 18 year old son took to Twitter to unveil his brand new track, titled ‘Closer To Heaven’ in the online world yesterday, despite the song officially dropping on Monday.

Before he then continued to gather some more social media hype by re-tweeting fan reactions to the newly released track.

Connor worked closely with Mason Musso and songwriter/producer DJ Poet along with Che Brooks for the dance track.

Poet (aka Jamie Munson) has previously worked with the Black Eyed Peas, particularly on Grammy- winning hit song Boom Boom Pow and Connor is no doubt hoping for similar success.

“I have always loved working with DJ Poet,” Cruise told Billboard, adding: “Ever since I started producing he has really helped to mentor and guide me through the whole world of music.”

Tom’s son also credits 19 year old Hugo Pierre Leclercq, otherwise known as Madeon.

“I have always loved house music since I was a little kid,” Connor continues, “but when I saw Madeon at Coachella [in 2012], that really inspired me to go fully into EDM and producing.”


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