Vlisco is famed for its trompe l’oeil effect, a visual trick that is brought vividly to life in this new collection. What seems to be a two-dimensional shape transforms into three-dimensions. At first glance you see one vibrant colour and sharp form, the next glance and it has transformed into a completely new tone and shape. It is a testament to the skill of our master craftsmen, that only Vlisco is able to realise the multi-dimensional compositions of the designers in new Wax, Super-wax and Java fabrics.

Of course, the possibilities of creating innovative fashion with Vlisco fabrics are seemingly endless. Their graphical interplay results in so many ways to play with the anatomy of a new silhouette. Perhaps you would like to create an outfit which is both playful and whimsical? Or maybe you desire flamboyant curves that project a powerful female strength? Or could it be something that fuses classic fabrics with the collection’s stunning Super-wax? You have the freedom to be whoever you wish to be – and still leave more to discover. Layer after layer of mystery and illusion.

Release your soul and create a layered silhouette that personifies you in every detail. With the temporal flair of enlivened heritage fabrics and our stunning new collection at hand, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

To discover the complete collection, click here

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