Struggles of a Fat Girl

With the Austin race looming (it is in 52 days!!!) my nerves are extremely high.  I am not sleeping great, even with my CPAP machine.  I have also started clenching my teeth again so my mouth guards are coming out.  Yep. I said guards, with an “s”.  I have a day one and a night one.

I am nervous about the times I am pulling right now.  I am nervous about the running portion because I am still having some issues.  I am nervous that I am not eating properly.  I am nervous about EVERYTHING!  Plus my workload at my actual job has been heavy and stressful.  I am nervous, scared and excited all at the same time.  Some times I feel like “I got this”  and some days I feel like “I am an idiot for trying this”.  I am glad that I decided to pick up a half before…

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