To Wrap or Not to Wrap: The Office Pashmina


by Krista Rudiger

It seems that no matter the time of the year, or the temperature outside, the corporate office is continually set at an icy 40 below.
But when you’re sitting in front of a computer all day, and then running from an inside meeting to an outside one, it simply does not make sense to hunker down in your fave Cinzia Rocca. Which is exactly why it’s a good fabulous idea to have a few different pashminas hanging behind your office door.

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that the trusty pashmina has become the latest eponym to join the ranks of Kleenex, Xerox and Band-Aid. Used to signify the scarf, or wrap, for women everywhere, the term pashmina lends a classier, upscale visual to your grandmother’s proverbial “shawl.”

1. Can it be animal-free?
We feel like the term pashmina reflects the kind made from cashmere. And while it is not the aim of this article to morph into an ad for PETA, there is a way to be stylish and eco-conscious at the same time. Joel Berger at writes, “. . .we can provide incentives to encourage sustainable cashmere production. Previous successful efforts have included paying bonuses for cashmere produced without the killing of snow leopards and other wild animals, or placing goats in predator-proof corrals.”

2. Other great fabrications?
There are so many great fabrics out there today. Fashion News Editor Emily Holt wraps up in an ABC Carpet & Home version. Made from Indian silk, it’s lighter than cashmere, but her particular choice of wrap is also quite large. “I say the bigger the better,” says Holt. “I love throwing a beautiful oversize scarf around my neck, especially if I’m going into a meeting. I feel about a scarf the way Linus feels about his blanket.”

3. Big or small, we like them all.
Up until a few seasons ago, the pashmina was a small, medium or rather large rectangle. Today, however, we see silk, linen and cotton scarfs in oblong shapes. With these lighter fabrics and different shapes, it’s easier to wrap them several times around your coldest parts.
One CEO told us, “At least once a year, Nordstrom has wraps on sale. I always pick up a few then.”
We think this is excellent advice.


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