An Interlude


There is a momentary pause in love
When all the birth-pangs of desire are lulled
By poppied kisses, when not yet begins
The light strong life of love that lives indeed
Through many dappled days of good spring weather,
A pause when all the senses are bound up
Like flowers to form a garland, which her hand
Will scatter for delight upon her bed.

One waits,
And glides upon the crested surge of days
Like some sea-god, with tangled dripping beard
And smooth hard skin, who glimpses from the sea
An earth-girl named by the soft foam fringe,
And, utterly forgetting all his life,
Flings toward the shore, is caught up by a wave
And hurried toward her, glad with sudden love!

Even in that pause of speed I live;
And though the great wave curl in spikes of foam
And crash me bleeding at her cool small feet
All breathless with the waters’ sudden swirl,
I shall be glad of every stabbing wound
If she will hold my tired limbs to hers
And breathe wild love into my mouth and thrill
Even the blood I shed with that desire
Which throbs all through me at her lightest touch.

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