When you see some guys take you out, spend uncontrollably/lavishly on you buying you alcohol and food, even when its clear his actions shows some form of irresponsibility you overlook it and concentrate only on the fun,wether he’s working or not isn’t your concern,you don’t care where he got the cash from either yours is that you are hanging out with one of the so called “big boys” in town, he drives you around town and later end up having sex with you,he gives you money in form of T-fare back home..

When you get back home you just can’t stop thinking of the fun and the next thing is, you start feeling you are in love,moments later you conclude you just can’t stop thinking of him which means you are in love, the next day he calls you out and does the same thing, at this point you not only conclude you are in love but now its a relationship,according to you for him to take you out the second time means you are now dating. Even when its clear the guy is just using you to pass time and satisfy his sexual desires, you just don’t want to believe that’s what he is doing, since you’ve concluded you are now in love.

Days later he stops calling you,you start feeling bad telling the whole world your boyfriend no longer call you.. Hellooooooo did I hear you say boyfriend at what point did he become your boyfriend? Accidentally you find him with another girl and you conclude saying men are wicked,oh he dumped you for another girl after you’ve done so much for him. Hellooooooo once again did I hear you say you did so much, what did you dø, is giving him sex to cure his sexual urge the so much you did. Is this how you fall in love,you were only been carried away by what you see and the imagination of your heart and did not fall in love. If ΰ know any of these girls,tell them they lack purpose /vision in life,they are lazy and above all they just expressed how unwise they are. Get a life NOW.


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