H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S – Funny Tweets and Pictures of a trend, #9jaPoliceBeLike on twitter


Have you been to twitter lately, there’s a trend going on #9jaPoliceBeLike….its Hilarious af….and seriously, they are real….check out these tweets

1) #9jaPoliceBeLike the picture in your license you carry Afro. Now you are on low cut.. Abeg come down

2) #9jaPoliceBeLike oya jam dt fence make I see weda your air bag dey work

3) #9jaPoliceBeLike u have a laptop, u must be a yahoo boy.. Oya to the station

4) #9jaPoliceBeLike PARK!!! I say PARK!!! I say Park there my frend!!! *lowers voice* wetin boys go chop na?”””

Just go to twitter and search #9jaPoliceBeLike for more funny tweets…*ROTFLMAO








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