10 Things I Hate Part 23: People Edition

Fish Of Gold

I’m generally not fond of people. They talk a lot and they’re constantly in my way. If it weren’t for people, my commute would be cake. This is a list of things that people do that bother me. I’d appreciate it if you, people, could refrain from doing these things. Thank you in advance.

1. I hate when there’s a line (or queue, for the subjects of the queen out there) and the person next in line isn’t ready. You have stood in line just like the rest of us. Instead of using that time to pull out your cash or card or glass beads, you’ve decided to metaphorically jam your own thumb up your arse. When it’s your turn to pay, you have to unsheath your pollex from your rectum, and then, and only then, you decide how you’re going to pay for your purchase. C’mon, dude. It’s not…

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