The Sick Story

Mind of a Mouse

There is a children’s book called The Sick Story, by Linda Hirsch with illustrations by John Wallner. I don’t remember if I liked the book. The story is about a pushy only-child whose parents give in to her every whim. I think, even as a kid, I could see how bratty and nasty she was.  But what stuck in my head after all these years wasn’t the story at all. The part I remember most is the illustrations. Lively, detailed little drawings of a sort-of sick, curly-haired girl.  Simple pen and ink, but full of detail.  Just watching the way her bedroom progresses from neat and tidy to a wasteland of dirty tissues, tossed aside magazines, comic books and tea cups is entertaining all by itself.

This morning I woke up with a stuffed up head, wheezy and achy.  After two cups of coffee, with my brain barely functioning, I…

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