Dragonball GT: How Strong Is Vegeta?


by Jeremy Carden


I think there is a way of figuring out just how powerful base form Vegeta was in GT by using Hell Fighter 17 as evidence. These two fought against each other before 17 fused with Android 17 (the one we know of on Earth) to become Super 17.

Now during their fight it was pretty clear that they were more or less even; with 17 getting a couple of lucky shots in that made Vegeta pissed.


Dr. Myuu said that this Android was only running at 50%, I really don’t know what he meant by that;

Was this #17 simply running at 50% during his fight with Vegeta or did he mean that since there were TWO #17s that he wouldn’t be at 100% until AFTER they had fused?

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As far as I know, Hell Fighter 17 was equal in power to Android 17 (who is equal…

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