10 Things I Hate Part 24

Fish Of Gold

1. Misuse of the word irony. It all started with one song. I blame her:


In case you’re twelve years old, that’s a screenshot from the Alanis Morrissette video for her song called Ironic, where she lists off a bunch of circumstances that aren’t actually ironic at all. Rain on your wedding day and a death row pardon two minutes too late may be things that suck, but they are not ironic.

Irony is the opposite of what’s expected. Rain isn’t really contrary to what one could expect from a day on the planet earth, wedding or not. Dear Alanis and everyone else who insists on not knowing what irony is, this is ironic:

There are a billion options in the English language. If you aren’t entirely sure what a word means, don’t use it. Or you could, you know, look it up:

2. Pointless arguments. Humans like opinions, particularly…

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