I’ll see you again..I know



A really good friend I met in high school has passed away…I heard the news and I had two conclusions…One was right…She went on her own…That almost hurt more then finding out she was gone…I have been through so much I will tell you..But i never crossed that line, where u pull the trigger or jump…But I know the feeling of the idea of leaving…It’s almost like dreaming…Except you are dreaming of life after death, where what hurts doesn’t, what won’t stop ceases, where the chaos is peace.. I believe in a place like that but theres work to be done…And we lost a good soldier of peace..Trust…The empty train bench is symbolic as we would often take train to the city, for concerts…We loved almost scarily, all the same bands, some so obscure we would be like, wow!!  Last time I saw her she was smiling, happy in the…

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