Who Are the Millennial Beer Drinkers? Part 1: Do We Have a Problem?

This Is Why I'm Drunk


Tip of the hat to fearless reader, Briana, who chimed in on my previous post regarding Millennials and a preference for craft/local beer. That post, which ran down a list of reasons I believe locally-produced beer is the beer of choice for young drinkers, inspired these questions from Briana:

…why are the young, broke, and cool more interested in spending $5 or more on a craft beer when they could be buying a cheaper beer and getting more of it?

…ultimately their wallets are taking a bigger hit than their conscious on corporate responsibility ever will. While false advertising, local support, and the story all matter there is still something missing.

Specifically, Briana points out her interest in the habits of younger Millennials, which as a whole is an age group that spans 18 to 33 year olds. She asks about 21 to 26 year olds, with curiosity…

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