Mother Superior

The Cultural Collage

Exactly a week ago today I made my pilgrimage to the Serpentine Gallery in London’s Hyde Park to see the mother superior of the secular world: Marina Abramovic. I will tell you about the exhibition itself, about the camera crews, the deferential gallery assistants, the sense of occasion which is no doubt a key part of Abramovic’s idea of how art is now a ‘transfer of energy’ rather than anything as anodyne as the purely visual. Firstly however I must just squeal, fan-girl style, that Marina Abramovic held my hand!! She whispered in my ear, laid her palm on my back and pressed gently. Yes, I felt the transfer of energy and yes, it was a spiritual experience.

MARINA ABRAMOVIC PRESS CONFERENCE 512 hours press conference courtesy of The Guardian newspaper

Accompanied by Melba Palhazy, (who has an exciting art based project in development which Collage will return to another day) we arrived at…

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