Dock of the Bay


ottisSo I am doing a volunteer music class with a local musician friend of mine for the kids interested in music in my small town Tuesday…I was thinking of what song I would play for them and I know mine are kinda depressing…So I was kinda lost..till I thought of this song..Dock of the Bay by Ottis Redding…Such a great song, and the idea is at end, after I go through once, failingly! whistling, have all the kids come in…I will tell them to whistle even off key as loud as they can..And I think it could be funny and interesting..Is good to see young kids really inspired, and in love with music,..I had everything growing up, except for music…Didn’t start till I was 22 so  it was hard learning, all self taught, at that age..All the things I learned as a kid I just mindlessly learned cause it was…

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