Just Fast? What Juice Fast?

Struggles of a Fat Girl

Well, I tried doing a 5 day juice fast. That’s right, nothing but juice for 5 days. Day 1 was ok. Day 2 and 3 were absolutely miserable! At the end of day 3 I had some bad cramping in my stomach that actually required me to take some form of pain killing medication. I tried taking some Advil on just juice and that really did not work out very well. End result, I needed to eat something to help the medication along. I did, however, go back to juice all day and a meal at night. I am not sure that “fasting” is quite for me. I may consider trying it again, but not any time soon.

Some weight seems to be coming off, despite having to take it a bit easy this week (cluster headaches). It seems whenever I want to start going hard, something gets in my…

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