Chisom Ojukwu - Words are Work

I was first taken on a blog tour by Walter ‘Shakespearean’ Ude, a great pal and splendid writer. We became acquainted first as tweeps on twitter (where he lives @Walt_Shakes) and then as Lagosians; it has been a great experience getting to know him and through him, other amazing writers. When you can, enjoy his work at

Now this is my tour and on it, I have to answer four questions on behalf of my pen then nominate three other great bloggers I know. These three would equally answer the same questions on their blogs, and in turn nominate three other writers each. And on it goes…guiding you through the blogs and works of some of the world’s best ‘writerly’ personas.

Here goes mine:


The much I am working on is a few series running concurrently on my blog. One is the “This…

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