An Episode For Success Part 1


Understanding the mystery of success
One must learn to sacrifice in other to be successful in life.
The richest man in Africa ‘Aliko Dangote, was once asked “what’s the secret of your success?” “I don’t mix pleasure with work ” he replied. Pleasure don’t go with success..
Sleep all night, fail all night.. Hence the adage,  “the height attended by great men is not through sudden flight,  but while their companion slept,  they continued to toil till day break.” 
Pray for grace to be diligent in the right hustle, having God as your backbone. Pray also for nimble wit. If you may ask,  why pray for nimble wit?  It’s not enough to be hard working,  one must also have in born and acquired intelligence including wisdom to be able to make the right decisions at all time. Open up your mind to acquiring knowledge. Read wide, interact with intellects and masters in the field.
Success isn’t optional, it is a must.  Look out for part 2 of “an Episode for Success”. 
God bless us all.. Exceeding Grace….

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