Vision Nigeria – Election 2015 Facts: 2 Myths | 3 Arguments | 4 Truths | 5 other important things & 1 Big Important Question

Written By
Dominic Obozuwa


“Let no young man, choosing the law for a calling, for a moment yield to this popular belief (that Lawyers are necessarily dishonest). Resolve to be honest at all events, and if, in your own judgment, you cannot be an honest Lawyer, resolve to be honest without being a Lawyer” – Abraham Lincoln.

“Evil will continue to prevail when Good people do Nothing … “

This is a brief … they are ramblings of a thinking Nigerian … my thoughts only … think on it and you will get the full gist. I hope it makes sense to you. If it does, then please share. Note please that, this is not to make you choose GMB over GEJ or vice versa, it is only meant to make you do an objective assessment of the prevailing issues, see both candidates for who and what they really are and then determine for yourself who can deliver good governance beyond the nonsensical religious, tribal or geo-political sentiments that is being bandied around.

2 Myths about voting a Muslim/Northerner as President:

1.        There’s a plan or a Northern agenda to Islamise Nigeria. 
–          To islamise Nigeria you will have to amend the constitution of the FRN 1999 (As amended) which already provides for freedom of thought, conscience and religion in Section 38 as a fundamental right (S. 9).
–          Mode of altering the constitution is: 2/3 majority of both houses of the National Assembly respectively and 2/3 majority of the Houses of Assembly of the 36 states of the Federation.
–          To alter the provisions as to fundamental rights, Sections 9 and 8, you need 4/5 majority of both houses of the National Assembly respectively and 2/3 majority of the Houses of Assembly of the 36 states of the Federation.
–          The Numbers of the Legislators on this process is not a quorum of those present but the total number of Legislators as provided in the Constitution (S. 9).

1 Big Important Question

If the North, Buhari or APC or whoever else from that zone we choose to believe is really behind the insurgency, consider these figures:

–          Politics is a game of numbers and involves give and take.
–          Bayelsa State has only 590,679 registered voters.
–          The entire South-South region has a total of 9,486,783 registered voters.
–          North Central – 11,466,596.
–          North East – 10,445,510.
–          North West – 18,616,499.
–          South East – 7,178,185.
–          South West – 13,188,854.

– The Larger part of the North is presently displaced courtesy of the insurgency and they probably do not have their PVCs, Polling Units or lives even … then PVCs were mishandled by INEC in Lagos State, Kaduna and some South West and Northern States.

Now the Big Question …

Who is left in the North of that whole number if they are all displaced or wiped out to Vote APC or Buhari? I am sure when you answer this question you will understand why the insurgency persists and our supposed strong military is weak at curbing it. 

We need Good Governance coupled with Respect for the Rule of Law, Discipline and Security … Who can give us these? 



Think on these as we go to the Polls 2015. I pray that God gives you wisdom to understand this and If you have been supporting the wrong candidate, I pray God also gives you the courage to admit this to yourself and realise it’s not too late to turn around.

God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Dominic E. Obozuwa
 + 2348057178820

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