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Rape is condemnable, it is an unjustifiable act in our society and it is, finally, time that we rise as a nation to condemn and eradicate this despicable act.

Victims of rape are made to suffer unquantifiable anguish, some become diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociation from reality, depersonalization, they endure physical violence, avoid social life, get infected with sexually transmitted infections, encounter serious difficulty in remembering events, relives moments of sexual assault and unwanted pregnancy amongst other ills.

The severity of the offence of rape cannot be over emphasized. Little wonder why a lot of pundits have advocated strict punishments for the offence.

In the case of Popoola v State (2013) 17 NWLR (Pt 1382) P. 100 Per Muntaka-Coomasie J.S.C at page 120 paras G-H on rape said:

the offence appeared to be heinous and heartless. The sentence meted out by the trial court amounts to abdicating its…

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