For the Glory of God…

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Hellurrrr!! Happy New Month!!!!!!!!!

I’m finally on here ooo..yea yea,I guess you guys can now call me a Blogger(Chai) daz ryt ,it happened (lol).I know Some of you are going to be like ‘why am I not surprised ‘ and prolly the others would be like ‘took you long enough ‘
The tory long one kind but I’ll keep it short ,so.. I kept getting the “go on you need to do this speech , babe start a blog or something” first from family and then friends.. I heard it one time too many to count it as random and asked myself is the HOLY SPIRIT trying to tell me something.
Frankly I was skeptical at first, spoke to a friend about it and she went on about how time consuming blogging was and yada, yada, yada,etc,etc etc .. Oh! this…

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