“No More Pope”: Topless Women Activists Protest Papal Conclave At Vatican, And Things Get Rough (PHOTOS)

An activist is detained by police officers following a protest against the pope outside St. Peter’s Square as cardinals took an oath in the Sistine Chapel at the start the conclave to elect a new pope at the Vatican, Tuesday, March 12, 2013. Cardinals enter the Sistine Chapel on Tuesday to elect the next pope amid more upheaval and uncertainty than the Catholic Church has seen in decades: There’s no front-runner, no indication how long voting will last and no sense that a single man has what it

Police wrestled two topless women to the ground during a brief protest in St Peter’s Square outside the Vatican on Tuesday after cardinals withdrew into the Sistine Chapel to begin the process of electing a new pope.

Witnesses said that at least two women took part in the protest, which followed an earlier demonstration in which women campaigners released a pink smoke flare on a hill above the Vatican.

Feminist groups have long demanded a greater role for women in the Catholic Church, which only allows men to be ordained as priests.

The identity of the women in Tuesday’s protest was not immediately clear. Police officers on the scene declined to give any details.

Last month, a small group from the Ukrainian women’s rights group Femen staged a similar topless protest in Milan as former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi cast his vote in Italy’s general election.

The photos below are the Activists from the women’s rights organisation Femen protesting in front of the new eight bronze bells displayed in the nave of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral in Paris February 12, 2013. (JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

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Man’s Inhumanity To Man:Man Caught Selling Human Parts (Reader Discretion Advised)

The whole of Oke-Opo area in Ilesha Osun State was thrown into panic when human butchered and parts seller was apprehended by the Police after tip off by the residents of the area.
The man in the picture below was caught in the act while dis-membering an unknown man
This is so disheartening, Horrible, heartless, callous, name it! all because of money?
Where are we going in dis Country?

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Report any suspicious persons and object to the law enforcement agencies, as that will save lives.

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Actual ‘vampire’ found in Turkey

The Journal of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics claims to have found a real-life vampire in Turkey: a 23-year-old man with an addiction to drinking blood. The man’s name was not revealed by the medical journal, but the study documents how the man’s compulsion progressed from drinking his own blood to stabbing and biting others and even recruiting his father to bring him goodies from the local blood bank. Doctors diagnosed the man with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), brought on by witnessing a variety of violent acts throughout his life. They also diagnosed him with multiple personalities.

The man was arrested several times after stabbing and biting others to collect and drink their blood.

The doctors said they found traumatic events in the man’s life leading up to his two-year bloodsucking phase. His 4-month-old daughter became ill and died; he witnessed the murder of his uncle; and he saw another violent killing in which “one of his friends cut off the victim’s head and penis,” according to the journal.

The man had been seen talking to himself, and he claimed to be tormented by an “imaginary companion” who forced him to carry out violent acts and attempt suicide. He also had memory gaps in his daily life and reported instances of being in a new place without any idea of how he got there.

“Possibly due to ‘switching’ to another personality state, he was losing track during the ‘bloody’ events, did not care who the victim was anymore, and remained amnesic to this part of his act,” the report said.

The doctors, led by Direnc Sakarya of Denizli Military Hospital in southwestern Turkey, ultimately diagnosed the man with DID, PTSD, chronic depression and alcohol abuse. To their knowledge, the man is the first patient with “vampirism” and DID.

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A MUST READ: When the mistress gets the wife’s seal of approval (Y! Superblogger) by Emeh Achanga

Why would a supposed Christian man, who goes to church on Sundays, pays tithe, has a pastor, believes that God will favour him, openly engage in an adulterous relationship, flaunting his mistress in all of vain society.

I know a “the other woman”. She’s a close friend. She lives large on the bill of a married man she’s dating. She claims they are in love and keeps telling me, “He will soon leave his wife for me. He just needs a little time.” I first heard promise in 2008. This is 2012 and neither has the man left his “soon-to-be-divorced” wife, nor left my friend.

But one thing is certain; he has changed her life, she’s now “upwardly mobile financially”, so to speak. I am a beneficiary of her affair, I can boast of some “spoils” in jewelry and in cash.

Sometimes, the guilt of being somehow endorsing what I have been conditioned to believe is an “unholy relationship” overcomes me and I give the this-is-risky lecture, “that woman can hurt you, she could pour acid on you”.

At some point in the affair, what I got in response was a dismissing laughter, “The wife knows I am her husband’s mistress. All she asks is that allow him to takes good care of his kids, stay at home during the weekends, and some special days.” The first time I heard that, I was beyond shocked, bewildered, and struck by a severe case of speechlessness.

“You mean she knows you’re sleeping with her husband, and is okay with that?” I asked the next time she tried to dismiss my warning with this line that I presumed to be cooked.

My friend laughed at my “naivety” and she retorted, “For starters, I’m not just sleeping with him, we are in love. She has no choice but to live with it.”

Whatever happened to the sanctity of marriage, the marriage vows? Why would a supposed Christian man, who goes to church on Sundays, pays tithe, has a pastor, believes that God will favour him, openly engage in an adulterous relationship, flaunting his mistress in all of vain society. And to butter the cruelty, the wife, the legal wife, knows about this unholy relationship, and is left to wallow in the pain of heartbreak, emotional abandonment, and the public humiliation of being that “woman whose husband openly cheats and her and she accepts it”.

Several times, I have put forward the what-goes-around-comes-around argument, and what I get in response is, “Look, sweetie, whether you date a married man or not, your husband would date a lady out there. So why not have fun while you are still single, knowing full well that the moment you’ve got that ring on your finger, your husband would be searching for the next available single girl to keep as a mistress?” Sometimes, I have to take two steps back.

The sad part is after some years of careful observation, there appears to be overwhelming evidence that the mistress is an approved and widespread vocation. And it appears as if the wives, have resigned to fate and adopted the modus operandi, “I run the home, they run the bed syndrome.”

A perfect globally recognized example, Naomi Campbell and her [very married] Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir. Neither of them is hiding the affair. He is noted for spending lavishly on the supermodel and attending public functions with her. This week she’s reportedly throwing him a lavish birthday party.

The billionaire’s wife Ekaterina, 44, released a statement to the “News of the World” which reads, “Vladimir has had lots of admiring women over the years. He is rich, attractive and rarely at home because of his business. I have ignored all this in the past because I know boys will be boys. He has bought Naomi gifts; he has bought other women gifts, some fun, maybe it will be good for business. But enough is enough. He is my husband. He is wealthy and generous but not stupid.”

When it would appear that her husband was more than generous, but tending towards stupid, the Mrs released an “updated statement”, “Naomi is deceiving herself if she thinks he will be with her. As a wife of dignity I refuse to be humiliated. I would never cause a public scene or any embarrassment but Naomi has overstepped the line. That is the final straw. Naomi has got this so wrong. She is kidding herself. I think my husband has been enjoying the fame, glory and showbiz razzmatazz of meeting all the big stars. And it’s good for business.”

Then last week, Valdimir gifted Naomi with a magnificent 25 bedroom edifice mansion on an exclusive island. Rumor has it that the architect was given an unlimited budget. Sadly, the heartbroken wife, who got married to the ‘love of her life’ at the age of 16, has now struck a ‘truce’ with Naomi after several attempts at dissuading Naomi to leave her husband failed.

Right now, they are reportedly, friends and have come to an agreement (whatever that means) and Naomi is stamped, OFFICIAL MISTRESS!

Would I openly tolerate my husband keeping a mistress? Well, when that time comes… I think I have a double-barrel gun somewhere…


Emeh Achanga is a lawyer, journalist, blogger and writer. She blogs at http://www.misspetitenigeria.blogspot.com. She believes in the power to change the world by penning down her thoughts and sharing her experiences with others. Follow her on twitter @misspetitenaija.


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Di Matteo Likely To Rest Mikel & Mata In Capital One Cup Clash With Manchester United «sports»

Roberto Di Matteo looks likely to rest John Obi Mikel and Juan Mata for Chelsea’s Capital One Cup clash with Manchester United after police launched an investigation into Mark Clattenburg’s alleged comments regarding the duo.

The Stamford Bridge side have accused referee Clattenburg of using “inappropriate” language towards Mata and Mikel in Sunday’s controversial 3-2 defeat to Sir Alex Ferguson’s men, with both players expected to be kept out of the limelight on Wednesday night as the fallout intensifies.

The Italian manager has suggested he will be resting a number of first-team players due to the Champions League holders’ hectic schedule of fixtures.

“It is our fourth game in 10 days and they have all been big games, so we are looking to freshen up the team a little bit for sure and also put a couple of youngsters in,” Di Matteo told reporters.

“We always talk about developing and giving youngsters a chance, so this game is a good opportunity for some of them.”

The likes of Ryan Bertrand, Oriol Romeu, Daniel Sturridge and Marko Marin are likely to be given a chance to avenge Chelsea’s league reverse at the hands of United, in which both Branislav Ivanovic and Fernando Torres were dismissed.

Javier Hernandez also scored the winner from what appeared to be an offside position with 15 minutes remaining, incensing the London club further, and the latest allegations over Clattenburg have inflamed the ongoing debate over racism in the modern game.

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Arsenal Boss, Wenger, Relieved To Avoid ‘Disaster’ After Remarkable Reading Comeback

Arsene Wenger admits it would have been a “disaster” had Arsenal bowed out of this year’s Capital One Cup thanks to their first-half capitulation against Reading.

The Gunners fought back from 4-0 down to force extra time and eventually triumph 7-5 at the Madejski Stadium after a truly remarkable contest defined by irresistible attacking and inept defending.

At the club’s annual general meeting last week the Frenchman ranked the Capital One Cup fifth in his list of priorities, but after the match he admitted that to go out in such a manner would have been humiliating.

“It was not one of our priorities but had we gone out the way we could have gone out, it would not have been one of my proudest moments,” the Frenchman told reporters.

“We went from disaster to giving ourselves at least some pride, because we came back with a decent performance.

“We had only hope that we would go through, but at least we got our first-half disasters out of our system.

“I felt for our fans because even at 4-0, they stayed behind the team. I would like to give them credit, and I’m happy that we paid them back in the second half.

“Once it was 4-4 I felt we would win the game, because Reading had given a lot, and were mentally down. We looked quite comfortable in extra time.”

Wenger knows first-hand the pain of losing a four-goal lead, having been pegged back to a 4-4 draw by Newcastle in February last year, and expressed his sympathy for Reading boss Brian McDermott.

“They had a fantastic start, and I know what it is to be pulled back when you’re 4-0 up,” he continued. “Reading should take credit from that performance, and maybe not be too disappointed.

“At 4-0, you think you have won the game. At 4-1, you still think you have won the game. At 4-2, you suddenly realise it isn’t over, and then the panic kicks in.

“It doesn’t matter how good a player you are, when that happens, it goes right through the team.”

The Gunners boss also took the opportunity to praise contract rebel Theo Walcott, who bagged a hat-trick to cap a man-of-the-match display.

“I always said he will be striker,” Wenger insisted. “He’s a good finisher now. He knows where to be on the rebounds. That is the quality of a striker you can’t give to someone, they either have it or they don’t.

“I want to keep him, and I think aside from the contract talks, you have to give him credit for the way he is committed to the team, and for the way he behaves.”

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BlackBerry Maker Sees Nigeria Potential

Lagos, Nigeria – In a film recently made in Nigeria, a man stops a beautiful woman, suavely trying to get her to talk to him. Instead she pouts her lips and looks down at her hands, barely able to hold all of the BlackBerry phones she owns.

“If you really want to talk to me, get me a BlackBerry Bold 3. Then and only then, you can talk to me,” the woman says in the now-infamous Nollywood film “BlackBerry Babes,” which follows the hijinks of beautiful women in short skirts manipulating their way to getting new mobile phones.

For troubled BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion Ltd., the stilted dialogue in Nigerian English sounds like money in the bank. The mobile phones made by RIM hold the dominant market share in both Nigeria and South Africa, two of the biggest economies on the African continent. Now opening an office in Nigeria, RIM hopes to hold onto that African advantage as its sales in Western nations tumble, company officials say.

“This is one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world,” said Robert Bose, RIM’s regional managing director for the Middle East and Africa.

In Nigeria, two out of four smartphones are BlackBerry models, company officials said Tuesday during a news conference in Lagos, citing market research. The number of Nigeria smartphone users is expected to grow from 4 million at the end of 2011 to 25 million at the end of 2016, according to forecasts.

How Nigeria became enthralled with BlackBerry begins with the collapse of its state-run telephone company. Fixed, landline telephone numbers now barely exist in Africa’s most populous nation with more than 160 million people. Mobile phones now fill that void, with those who can afford it often carrying two or three handsets as networks routinely drop calls. And as the nation’s power supply remains erratic at best and people work a variety of jobs, the hard-keyed BlackBerry fills the void left by the absence of functional offices. The phones’ prices also make ownership a sign of status as well in a nation where most earn less than $2 a day. Business partners routinely communicate over BlackBerry’s message service and the young incessantly share their gossip.

“I think people equate having a BlackBerry to a certain level of success,” Bose said.

For some, BlackBerry remains the only constant means of accessing the Internet, while 94 percent of phone owners regularly use its messaging service, the officials said.

The Nigerian and African experience for RIM comes as the mobile phone manufacturer faces tougher times elsewhere. RIM’s software is still focused on email, and is less user-friendly and agile than iPhone or Android. The company’s attempts at touch screens largely failed and its applications lag behind its competitors.

RIM’s U.S. share of the smartphone market dropped from 44 percent in 2009 to 10 percent in 2011 according to market researcher NPD Group. The company still has 78 million active subscribers worldwide.

“There’s been a tectonic shift” away from hard key BlackBerry phones in North America to touch screen phones, Bose said.

To halt a similar march here, Bose and others announced they will open an office in Lagos, as well as set up operations around the country to allow users to come in and update their phones’ software for free. The company also has plans to offer applications for sale by having mobile phone carriers bill the user, rather than require credit cards, said Waldi Wepener, RIM’s regional director for East, Central and West Africa.

Yet challenges remain.

In Nigeria, the government currently faces a growing threat from a Boko Haram sect, and secret police routinely watch and harass opposition leaders and journalists. Bose repeatedly declined to say whether Nigeria had asked for access to information from BlackBerry or demanded servers be set up in the country to monitor traffic. Other nations in the past have made similar demands of RIM. Some messages may still be encrypted, so it’s not clear what nations could pull from it.

For now, though, RIM hopes to continue ride on its wave of popularity in Africa.

And for the film “BlackBerry Babes,” Bose simply said: “We’re actually flattered by it.”

NURTW Chairman Arrested For Alleged Possession Of Weapons, Drugs.

Men of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) yesterday stormed the office of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and arrested its Akure Taxi Unit Branch Chairman, Mr. Ojo Adewole and seven others for allegedly being in possession of dangerous weapons and India Hemp.

It was gathered that the suspects were arrested following a tip off.

Our correspondent reports that items such as A K47 riffles, machetes, axes, cutlasses and 18 kilograms of substance suspected to be Indian Hemp were taken away by the NDLEA operatives.

When contacted, the Public Relations Officer of the NDLEA in the state, Mr. Peter Achibong, confirmed the arrest, saying the agency would not compromise in the discharge of its duties.

2Face, D’banj Collaborate on a New Track

Two of Africa’s music heavyweights, 2Face and D’banj have hit the studio to collaborate on a new single titled “Feeling good”.

The duo were at Beat Fm this morning to talk about it. They added the video would be dropping soon. D’banj also addressed the issue of his illuminati status and denied it in plain terms. He also says GOOD Music is a partner to his label.

Chris Brown Spotted Leaving Rihanna’s Hotel

Former couple Chris Brown and Rihanna had a dramatic falling out after they broke up, but it seems as if the two may be looking to rekindle their relationship. Reports from several different outlets say the two artists were caught making out in a New York City nightclub on Monday night. The fact that this went down in such a public place suggests that the two may not want to keep things under wraps any longer.

According to Celebuzz, Brown and Rihanna were set up in an area all to themselves.

“The 24-year-old and Brown were set up at separate tables, two apart from one another, and our source says Brown immediately ‘climbed over the center to get to her.’ Once 23-year-old Brown made his way over to his ex-girlfriend, he removed his shirt and started ‘dancing on the table for Rihanna’ and the two began ‘dancing together and being very smitten,’ says the eyewitness.”

Now photos have surfaced showing Chris Brown exiting Rihanna’s NYC hotel on Tuesday night. He wasn’t dressed for the club atmosphere, as he was seen in a black hooded sweatshirt and grey sweatpants. Check out the photos above and let us know what you think of Chris Brown’s and Rihanna’s actions over the past couple of days.

I don’t have any problem being Zach Orji’s son,says Leo’nel

HAVING finished his degree program from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies/Television, Leo’nel, son of legendary Nollywood actor, Zach Orji, is now ready to pursue his dream in music.

His two hit singles, “Baby Joor and Rockstar” are already making a remarkable impact in the music scene weeks after its production.

“I just finished shooting the video of Rockstar and its being given a fair playtime on both local and satellite TV stations across the country, same with the audio version of the two singles. Radio stations are excited with the songs and they play it religiously daily. It’s indeed a sign of some progress,” the youngster said in an interview last week.

On why he shunned acting, a turf his father made his fame and fortune, Leo’nel said “Music has always been what I wanted to do even though my dad tried to encourage me to go into acting by giving me scripts when I was much younger. I actually was to play a lead child actor role in a big movie that my dad was the lead actor, but somehow I could not bring myself to do it because acting is not in me.

Music is my life so I had to wait till after my university education to begin my career proper because that is the proper thing to do. I am now mentally and physically ready for the challenges of Nigeria ’s music industry and with God on my side, I will make my mark the way my dad made his on the acting turf. In fact, my dream is to surpass my dad’s records in Nollywood, in the music scene.”

Was Zach Orji not disappointed in his son’s insistence on playing music instead of acting? “No, many people don’t know my dad. They do not know that he is a perfect gentleman outside the screen who will respect anybody’s choice in life. He is not a domineering person and that is why he is my mentor, dad, manager, motivator all rolled into one. He respected my choice of music and he had been so supportive that even a manager being paid a million pounds a year won’t have achieved what he has achieved for me within this short period of time and I am always grateful to my dad.”

Leo’nel does not have any problem being Zach Orji’s son. “His name opens certain doors for me and I am lucky to have a dad like him but there will come a time soon when I will drop this ‘Zach Orji’s son’s’ toga because I will have to be my own man.

Yes, for now, I need him and his name but that cannot go on forever, I will have to be just LEO’NEL’ soon. I am lucky I have a dad that has a name, I guess most upcoming artistes are not as lucky as I am, but will that stop me from working hard and marking my own mark? No, rather it will encourage me to surpass his records.”

And his mum? “Wow, my mum is not from this world. She is just spectacular in terms of her support for me. She went out of her way to be with me at the shows I have played so far and I have played quite a some shows, all small shows but there is a big one coming end of this month.

It’s what my media company Media Image Managers, MIM executive called the ‘Acid Test’. I won’t reveal the name of the show yet but it’s one of the biggest shows in Nigeria today, trust me. My mum is my ‘home manager’ because he keeps me on the toes at home, you know, it’s like someone always prodding you when you want to fall asleep.”

However, when  he has conquered the music industry, Leo’nel hopes to go into music and movie production and directing. “I will do some directing and producing later in life but for now, its music and music only. I am talking to some big stars for us to have a collaboration in some of my new songs and Baby Joor remix.”

Lionel Chukwuemeka Orji is an indigene of Enugu State in Nigeria but was born and raised in Lagos state. He later moved to the UK to further his studies at the University of Bradford where he studied Media Studies with television.

Leo’nel said has been singing from a tender age but decided to go into it properly  in 2007 by recording his first song in the studio and since then, he has been working hard towards achieving his dream and also making good music. The rising act has performed at different places in the UK, and also in Nigeria; from Basketmouth’s Lord of the Ribs in Manchester to MI’s album launch party in Huddersfield to different places such as Sheffield, Leeds, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bradford, the ZAFAA award nominations in Lagos, the Global News Awards in Lagos among others.

customary land tenure system in ikorodu land

This is work is worth sharing.

Yemibacon's Blog

LAND tenure system in Nigeria from earliest time is one of the oldest systems in Nigeria that have remained relevant until the coming of the Europeans in the late 19th century. Customary land tenure system in Ikorodu land predates to the time of the creation of Ikorodu. The history of land tenure system in Ikorodu land is not so much different from the customary land tenure system indigenous to Nigeria. However some minor difference exist , for example ,the issue of family property that is discussed in chapter two of these work gives clarity to the variation in family property in Yoruba land and Nigeria as a whole.

102: Scope of Work
The customary land tenure system is a key issue in Nigeria’s socio-political and economic affair . A study of the customary land tenure system in Ikorodu was necessitated because of the strategic nature of…

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Life is a stage, so says the famous Williams Shakespeare. Everyone has a role to play in this Universe. Greatness in its entirety lies within one’s self, hence the path of exploring your potentials to attain greatness in your lifetime.

I came across a very interesting yet inspiring article (dramatic) by Bruce Kasanoff, and I thought I should share with you.  According to the author, it’s fiction. Trust me it is worth you time.


It’s seldom a good sign when you are 2,000 miles from home and the phone rings in the middle of the night. I grabbed for it, my stomach already clenching.

“Hey Bruce, it’s Lilly.”

Lilly? It takes me a few seconds, but I remember…

Lilly, who started a wine company, by walking around San Francisco and inviting restaurant owners to share a glass of her first vintage.

Lilly, who went to Africa to create more sources of clean water… the very same night the thought occurred to her.

Lilly, a friend of a friend, with whom I felt a bond that couldn’t be explained.

That Lilly.

“You busy?”

I smiled. “Lilly, it’s 4 a.m. here.”

“Yeah, I figured you’d have time to talk. Plus, I saw online you were on the road. You know I still read your stuff almost every day. If I have access, of course.”

Still half asleep in the dark, I almost blushed. It had been at least ten years since I’d seen Lilly. I would have guessed she’d forgotten me.

“Can you put on some music?”

“Now? On the call?”

“Yeah, I would, but I don’t have any.”

The thing about Lilly was that she was always making crazy requests, and people would just do them. Earlier in the night, I was listening to The John Butler Trio Live at Red Rocks, so I just started it up again.

“Much better. Nice choice. Hey, Bruce, I gotta tell you something. It’s pretty important.”

She paused for a long time, then continued.

“You’re so very close, Bruce.” She paused again.

“Not sure I follow you, Lilly.”

“You’re a good guy and you’re talented, and you have a great heart, and you work hard.”

A “but” was on the way, I could see it coming.

“Imagine, just imagine, what you could accomplish if you were always there. I don’t mean for an hour or two at a time. I mean day after day, week after week. How long could you keep it going? Could you spend a month in that state? A year? Maybe two? More? Could you? What would it take?”

Now she was talking in time to the music, tossing out words in spurts.

This wasn’t a completely foreign subject to me, although I rarely discussed it at 4 a.m. “You mean to be present, right?”

“Yeah, present. Completely present. 100%. Present. In the zone. It’s possible you know. You can do it. I’m not just blowing smoke at you. You could stay there for an incredibly, amazingly long time. You’ve got a good, long run in you. I’ve never said this to anyone else, and I just had to tell you. I wish I could have told you…”

Was she crying? She got quiet, and I thought I heard her starting to sob.

Then more silence.


“We both screwed up. I should have told you sooner, but you should have figured it out long ago. You aim too low, you know? You get a burst of inspiration, it lasts maybe 45 minutes, and you thank the heavens above. That’s trivial. Not even worth mentioning. That’s not a life, it’s a fast food stop. It’s a blip, an afterthought, a pale shadow of your potential. Do you understand your potential? I know you don’t, that’s why I had to call.”

She laughed.

“Hey, Bruce?”


“You’re not going to forget what I said.”

“Of course not, Lilly.”

“That wasn’t a question. You’re not going to forget what I said because your phone recorded this entire call. Sorry that I don’t have more time. Truly sorry. So long.”

Huh? I stared at the phone in my hand, then finally put it down and laid back in bed. A few minutes later, I jumped up and pulled out my laptop. I looked up Lilly on Facebook. Nothing. LinkedIn? Nothing. No Twitter either.

Then I found it, a short piece in the Kalamazoo news section on Mlive.com. It was two weeks old.

Lilly Raymond, 47, died in a boating accident on Lake Michigan.

A sense of calm came over me, inexplicably strong. My normal reactions were no longer in play. My brain wasn’t spinning, my stomach wasn’t clenching. I took my time, but there was no doubt in my mind. I swiped down on my phone and searched for Voice Memos, an app I never use.

There was one recording there. I pressed Play.

“Hey Bruce, it’s Lilly.”handmade miniature roses

Hey, it’s me again, the real Bruce. I have a few questions for you.

  1. Has anyone ever tried to tell you something, but you weren’t ready to listen? Before you answer, think carefully. I bet it happens more than you realize.
  2. Have YOU ever tried to tell someone else that you believe in them – deeply – but they just weren’t hearing you?


That one idea that keeps popping up in your head can change the world for good and make you a huge success. Why not explore it?

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David Oluwafemi Adewunmi Abdulateef Fani-Kayode  a Nigerian politician, essayist, poet and lawyer, whom has held various key positions in the Nigerian Government under the leadership of the former Head of States and President,  Olusegun Obasanjo (OBJ).  Unsatisfied with the current leadership of President Muhammad Buhari (Nigerian President), he had the following to say to His Excellency ……

“Mr. President, as one of your most loyal and faithful subjects who has nothing but the utmost respect for your person and your office, I am constrained to write you this open letter.

This is because there are a number of issues that I believe that it is important for you to clarify and to come clean on.

I say this because some of your assertions of late are at best contradictory and at worst patently dishonest.

Whichever side of the political divide we are on I believe that we can all agree on one thing: that the prosecution of the war against terror is not something that any of us should play politics with.

This is especially so given the fact that human lives are at stake and the very existence of our nation is under threat.

Like much of the rest of the world our country is going through hell at the hands of the jihadists and Islamist terrorists.

There is no gainsaying that we must all come to terms with the fact that the Islamic State in the Levant (ISIL), Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Al Shabab, Boko Haram, Hamas and another group that the internationally-respected Global Terror Index has described as the ”Fulani militants” (aka Fulani herdsmen) are nothing but bloodthirsty murderers and the lowest form of life.

They are indeed the scum of the earth, the troublers of humanity and the vermin of hell. It is with this in mind that I urge you to take the war against terror far more seriously than you are doing and plead with you to stop passing the buck.

Your penchant for blaming your failings in this regard on the previous administration is simply nauseating and it does not serve you well.

You continuously contradict yourself when it comes to this matter and frankly such flip flops are unworthy of the office that you presently occupy.

We your subjects look up to you for consistency, strength, unequivocal commitment, a firm resolve and the ”leadership from the front” that you promised during your presidential campaign in this war. We do not want and neither do we need doublespeak, lame excuses and buck passing.

Permit me to point out a few examples of your contradictory assertions and your buck passing in this short intervention. Initially you claimed that your predecessor in office President Goodluck Jonathan never bought any arms and that instead he squandered and stole all the money that was appropriated for the procurement of arms.

Yet when the British Minister of Defense visited you in the Presidential Villa the other day the story changed. You did a U-turn and gleefully told him and the wider world that President Jonathan bought arms with raw cash.

One wonders which story you shall come up with next and which one you will conjure up in the future. Kindly tell us what the position is: is it that Jonathan did not buy arms at all and stole all the money or is it that he used cash to buy arms? You cannot have it both ways. It is either one or the other.

Quite apart from your glaring doublespeak on this matter there was another issue which you ought to have raised with your highly esteemed and respected British guest.

You forgot to tell him that his was one of the countries that not only refused to sell weapons to us during the course of this bitter conflict but that also helped to impose and enforce the international arms embargo on our country even though we are at war.

This resulted in the unnecessary death of thousands of our people because we found it difficult to procure the weapons to protect them.

Your guest’s country insisted on towing the American line and doing this to us even though we were fighting a war against a relentless, well-motivated, well-funded and well-armed fighting force that Global Terror Index has described as the ”deadliest terrorist organization in the world”. One is forced to ask: with friends like this who needs enemies?

Given the fact that the embargo was in place one wonders how we were supposed to procure arms unless we did so with raw cash on the black market.

The alternative was to buy none at all, to do nothing and to allow Boko Haram to take Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Lagos.

Perhaps that is precisely what your western friends and allies wanted but thankfully it never came to pass.

Despite the challenges and constraints President Jonathan faced, instead of losing any more ground, he rose to the occasion and retook no less than 22 local government areas and virtually pushed Boko Haram out of Nigeria. The only place that they occupied by the time the election took place was Sambisa forest.

Jonathan achieved all this with those arms that he bought with raw cash. This is apparently what you are now complaining about. Permit me to remind you that it is those same arms that Jonathan bought with raw cash that your army is still using till today.

Yet sadly since you were sworn in as President seven months ago you have lost some of those same local government areas that were earlier recovered and they are now back in the hands of the terrorists.

Despite this you keep telling the international community and the Nigerian people that we are ”making progress” in the war against terror.

As a matter of fact you went as far as to say that we had ”won the war” against Boko Haram and your Minister of Information, Mr. Lai Mohammed, echoed that grotesque mendacity and reiterated that sentiment by adding the words ”technically won” (whatever that may mean) to the equation.

Sadly, two days later, on Christmas day, in what can only be described as an eloquent response from the terrorists, scores of innocent civilians were killed by Boko Haram in Borno state and a whole community was burnt to the ground.

Again on Sunday 27th of December Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, came under heavy attack from the terrorists. So much for having ”won the war against Boko Haram”, whether ”technically” or otherwise.

Instead of conceding that you had told the Nigerian people a pernicious lie, curiously the next thing that you did was to tell them that you would ”persuade Boko Haram to drop their arms”.

One is compelled to ask: why would you have to persuade them to drop their arms if you had already defeated them and won the war against them?

In any case this would be the first time in the history of modern warfare that a sitting President has sought to destroy and defeat a vicious and relentless terrorist organization and win the war against terror simply with the awesome and devastating weapon of persuasion.

Perhaps you should recommend that same tactic to the Americans and the rest of the international community as an effective and credible weapon to adopt in their war against ISIL, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, Hamas and all the other jihadist groups that plague the world.

Whilst you are at it perhaps you could also persuade Boko Haram to free the Chibok girls. It is disturbing to note that despite all your campaign promises and assurances that once you are elected President the girls would be rescued or returned, nothing has been done or heard about any of them ever since you were sworn in.

Worst still the Bring Back Our Girls Group, which was essentially an appendage of your election organization, together with its distinguished leaders and conveners, appear to have gone very quiet. I guess they are busy trying to persuade Boko Haram to drop their arms too.

The truth is that it is time for you to free yourself from your monumental delusions and to get real. Sadly you appear to be detached from reality.

Instead of fighting the war against terror you are making it worse by slaughtering one thousand Shia Muslims in Zaria on December 12th, locking up their leader Sheik Ibrahim

El Zakzaky and opening yet another war front in our country.

The last thing that we need is for Hezbollah or the Iranian Republican Guard to rise to the occasion, take up the challenge, jump into the fray and decide to protect and avenge their Shia Muslim brothers and sisters in northern Nigeria.

Yet despite the reprehensible and indefensible actions of your military commanders in Zaria you have refused to show any remorse for what was undoubtedly a war crime against fellow Nigerians and you have not prosecuted the officers and military personnel that were involved in the butchery.

Instead the homes of the victims and those that share their Shia faith have been burnt to the ground in Zaria and their graves and burial sites have been dug up and desecrated.
Instead of fighting Boko Haram you are fighting and killing your own people.

Worse still you have refused to defend our country. I say this because a few days ago the Cameroonian military invaded our country, violated our territorial integrity and savagely murdered over 70 innocent Nigerians in their village before burning it down.

Your government refused to acknowledge that this event even took place, despite the media reports. You did not console or express condolences to the families of the victims or retaliate against the Cameroonians.

You did not even warn them or demand an apology or reparations from them. This is heartless and shameful. It could not have happened under Jonathan, Obasanjo, Babangida, Shagari, Abacha, Abubakar, Shonekan, Mohammed, Balewa or indeed any other former Nigerian President or Head of State.

If any of them had been in power and the Cameroonians cultivated the effrontery to do such a thing there would have been consequences.

Yet you did nothing to avenge this affront or to defend our honor. What happened to the gallant and brave General Buhari that courageously led our troops into victory in Chad in the early 1980’s?

What happened to the honest and forthright man that we all admired and looked up to because of his military exploits in Chad?

What happened to the war hero that gave the Chadians a ”bloody nose” for daring to attack a Nigerian village and that almost took Ndjamena, the Chadian capital?

What happened to the man that proved to the Libyans and their Chadian proxies that Nigerians knew how to fight? It appears that you have changed and that you are no longer the man that you used to be.

Instead of being honest with our people you have insisted on selling them a dummy and telling them a lie. You refuse to tell the world that our military is terribly demoralized, our soldiers are suffering heavy casualties and are not being paid their salaries regularly and, worse of all, that you have failed to procure a single bullet or weapon for them to use in the last seven months since you came to power.

Instead of deploying all the power of the state against Boko Haram you have spent all your energy and resources trying to teach the former National Security Advisor, Colonel Sambo Dasuki, and all your other perceived enemies the lesson of their lives by misrepresenting them before the world, subjecting them to state-sponsored tyranny and the most insidious form of persecution, violating their human rights and lying to the world that they stole and shared money that was meant for the purchase of arms.

You have also misled and misinformed the Nigerian people about the rules and conventions that are applied when it comes to the administration of security funds and about the fact that it is the National Assembly alone that has the right to probe the use of such funds as part of their oversight functions.

To cap it all you have claimed you did not receive any benefit from the NSA ‘s office whilst Jonathan was in power. This is an assertion which we all know is, at best, questionable.

You must be mindful of the fact that God hates liars and He despises those that abuse power. You must remember that the more you scorn God’s counsel and mock His admonitions the more your errors will be made manifest and the more your people will suffer.

You must understand that any leader or government that is motivated by bitterness, fear, hate, vengeance and malice will eventually hit the rocks and crash like a pack of cards.

You must appreciate the fact that God is watching and that He sees and knows all.

May the Lord have mercy on you and may He forgive you for your many sins and wicked ways. God bless Nigeria”.


By Mfonobong Unanaowo